Do you really know how to use these paint curing lamps

  Paint light is a tool used in vehicle repair and refurbishment to restore the shine and appearance of the car surface. Here are some tips for using paint lights:

  Preparation: Before using the paint lamp, ensure that the surface of the vehicle has been cleaned and free of dust, dirt and grease. This helps the paint lamp to effectively illuminate and show surface problems.

  Choose the right environment: Use a paint lamp in a relatively dry environment without strong light, so that surface defects can be seen more clearly. It is best to operate indoors or in the shadow to avoid interference from outside light.

  Adjust the lighting Angle: Experiment with different lighting angles to better show surface bumps, scratches and blemishes. Often, exposure from different angles can help you uncover hidden problems.

  Check one by one: Use the paint light to check the vehicle surface one by one, noting any areas that may need to be repaired. Pay special attention to areas that may have dents, scratches, oxidation, coating problems, etc.

  Mark problem areas: Once a problem is identified, you can lightly mark these areas with an erasable marker pen or chalk so that they are not missed during subsequent operations.

  Repair and refurbishment: Based on the inspection results, repair and refurbish the problem areas found. This may involve steps such as filling dents, polishing scratches, removing oxidation, etc.

  Double check: After repair and refurbishment, use a paint lamp to check the surface again to ensure that the problem has been resolved and the surface has been properly repaired.

  Regular maintenance: Keep the paint lamp clean and maintained to ensure that it works properly. Check the bulbs and wires regularly to make sure there are no damaged or worn parts.

  Safe use: When using the paint lamp, pay attention to safety matters and avoid shining the light directly to the eyes to prevent eye injury. At the same time, ensure that the power line is stable to avoid accidental electric shock.

solary Head Hand Held Infrared Curing Lamp

  Practice and experience: Using a paint light takes a certain amount of practice and experience, and gradually you will become more proficient at using it to check and repair problems on the vehicle surface.

  In conclusion, the paint lamp is a useful tool that can help you more accurately inspect and repair problems on the surface of the vehicle, but pay attention to safe use and master the correct technique. If necessary, you can also consult a professional car restorer for more guidance.

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