Do you know what the infrared thermal effect is ?

    In the last few years, the development rate of red external technology is very fast, and its application includes various industries, such as red external thermal image, red external spectrometer, infrared communication, red external sensor, red external image and so on.

    Objects that can produce infrared radiation are called red external radiation sources. Through a large amount of physical science

It is known that the energy force of the infrared line of the object is related to its temperature, in the natural boundary, only if the temperature of the object is higher than the absolute zero degree, it can radiate infrared, and its wavelength is different. The strength of the red external line energy depends on the high or low temperature of the body. The higher the temperature, the stronger the radiation energy, and vice versa.

    The red outer line has a thermal effect: in the electromagnetic field, the free charge and dipole in the biological body have a tendency to line up in the direction of the electromagnetic field when the electric field force is used. In this process, the violent movement of the prion and molecular random laws is induced, from which the heat is generated. When the dispersive heat energy of the organism is insufficient to disperse the heat generated by the red radiation, a portion of the heat of the extranite radiation is retained in the organism. The temperature of the part of the object that is illuminated by the red outer light rises from the lead, which is the thermal effect of the red outer line

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