Automotive repair solutions

Determine the maintenance plan

1. The main issues to be considered
    After the damage diagnosis of the vehicle, it is necessary to develop a scientific repair plan. The main work of this stage is: to determine the specific repair methods for the direct damaged part, the indirectly damaged part, and the inertial effect damaged part; According to the application of materials in each part of the body, determine the welding process that needs to be adopted; Consider how to use auxiliary support positioning during the correction stretch to ensure smooth repair; Consider how to accurately position the required replacement parts during the welding replacement operation to avoid having to correct the position of the replaced parts after welding is completed.

2. Determine the principles of the repair plan
    In addition to considering the reduction of maintenance costs, the repair program should also consider the overall maintenance quality, such as how to ensure that the surrounding parts are not affected when local stretching, how to ensure that the internal structure of the metal does not change as much as possible when cutting and welding, and what drilling and grinding tools are used will not affect the installation. All the factors related to the overall repair plan should be considered as carefully as possible, to be prepared in the subsequent work.

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3. Maintenance program requirements for technical personnel
    To master a scientific and efficient repair process, technicians must understand today's computer-aided design of the frame structure knowledge, computer-aided design of the frame on the absorption and transfer of collision energy knowledge. In addition, the technical personnel must be familiar with the knowledge of the degree of vehicle collision damage, the parts that need to be replaced, the parts that need to be repaired, the determination of the repair method, the selection of equipment and tools, and the standardization of various operations, to ensure the optimal repair effect and improve customer satisfaction.

4. Undamaged car paint repair program
    Repair undamaged parts of the paint using SPANESI micro-sheet metal tools
Repair undamaged parts of the paint using SPANESI micro-sheet metal tools
Determine the maintenance program needs to depend on the situation and choose the best. In the case that the damage to the collision site is not serious, it is necessary to determine whether to use the traditional sheet metal spraying scheme or the emerging depression repair technology according to the specific situation. As long as the car paint is not damaged, it can be used in most cases.
Depression repair technology was developed by Japan in 1986, after nearly 20 years of development, the automotive beauty industry formed a separate project, in Japan and Europe and the United States has been recognized by the majority of car owners. In 1999, the micro-sheet metal depression repair technology entered China, after years of domestic exploration and practice, now has a complete set of promotion programs suitable for China's national conditions.
Automobile depression repair technology is a new technology to repair various depressions formed by external forces in various parts of the automobile body. It is simple to operate, with the use of optical, mechanical and chemical, and other technical principles, the depression of the undamaged car paint through the local special process to repair, without the traditional sheet metal, painting can reach 100% recovery, so that the vehicle to restore the original state, the technology greatly shortens the repair time.

    Dent repair technology is mainly for the dent that has not yet damaged the paint because the original paint is retained, it avoids the paint fog, paint flow, color difference, color change, orange peel, and other defects caused by the paint, to maximize the preservation of the original value of the vehicle, which is unmatched by the traditional sheet metal technology.

    It only takes about 10 to 90 minutes to repair a depressed part, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost, and is about 50% of the total cost of traditional sheet metal and painting. The concave part of the car body repaired by this technology is not easy to deform, or fade, and will not produce cracks.Depression repair investment is small, the return is high. Enterprises to operate the project, only need to have a 3 ~ 6 m2 closed workshop. One input, later does not add too much material. Almost only manual operation costs, but also make up for part of the defects of sheet metal, this repair method repair time is fast, and save a lot of unnecessary costs, is the car beauty shop, repair shop, and car sales companies favored technology.

5. Repair program for serious damage to the body
(1) Body replacement or maintenance
When the car is seriously damaged, the whole body is almost all smashed, the bottom plate is seriously deformed, the two sides, the car top cover, the engine cover and the luggage cover are almost no good place, and the whole body can be replaced according to the needs of the user. Remove all available assemblies and parts from the broken car, and carry out comprehensive inspection and repair of major assemblies such as the engine. Replace the new car body assembly and all parts that need to be replaced, and re-assemble according to the vehicle assembly process. The replacement cost of the body and the replacement cost of each assembly is very high, and can even reach half the cost of buying a new car. Therefore, the auto repair shop will use modern and advanced equipment to carry out high-quality maintenance on the damaged vehicle, so that it can be restored to the original quality standards.


   Select the most appropriate maintenance equipment according to the damage to the vehicle:

    The "homemade gantry" used by the sheet metal master has completely failed to meet the current automobile maintenance quality standards, and has long been no longer used by automobile maintenance manufacturers;
"Di Bagua" only has the stretching function, as a simple stretching tool for small accidents can not guarantee the quality of this type of accident car maintenance;
The "platform" girder corrector mainly uses its fixed tension function, and the more common is the large platform girder corrector. This body girder corrector has only four fixing clamps, fixing the skirt of the body, and then using the pull arm to stretch the deformed part. In this case, it is difficult for us to control and correct important points on the chassis. After the vehicle is mounted, except that the body is fixed by four fixed fixtures, the remaining points that need to be corrected are in a free state. If the right front of the vehicle is hit, some points in the right front will be deformed. Since the chassis only provides a fixed clamp, and because the roots of the left and right girders of the body are connected, when the deformed part of the right is stretched, the point on the left will also be stretched. At the same time, because the strength of various parts of the body is not the same, some points may be in place during tensile repair, and some points are still not in place, and the points after repair are in position again. Stress relief is another difficult problem to solve. Therefore, the platform girder correction instrument is also gradually withdrawing from various automobile maintenance enterprises;
"Girder corrector with positioning fixture" is used to fix, locate and measure the important points of the body chassis by positioning fixture. On the body girder corrector with positioning fixture, in addition to fixing the body with fixing fixture, many positioning fixtures can be provided to fix the points that need to be corrected for measurement positioning, such as the fixed support point of the front and rear axle, the assembly point of the engine, the fixed point of the water tank or safety bridge, and the process point of the chassis body design. With these positioning fixtures, there is no need to worry about deformation affecting other points in the tensile deformation part. Because we can fix all the points without deformation in advance so that when we stretch other deformation points, these points will not follow the position. Moreover, the point that is stretched in place is then fixed, and the point will not be deformed when other points are calibrated so that our work to repair the points on the chassis body can be formed in one stretch. Positioning fixture is divided into two forms: special type and general type: Special positioning jig refers to a set of jig that can only repair a model, if you need to repair other models you need to buy other models of positioning jig, for the rapid development of the automobile industry now, new models continue to go offline, if you choose to use the special positioning jig beam correction instrument in the purchase of jig will be a big cost, And to increase the cost of repeated purchases as new models continue to roll off the production line; In addition to providing a set of body fixed fixture, the girder correcter with a universal positioning fixture provides a modular positioning fixture system, which can be combined into the chassis model of all models in the world through the three-dimensional data diagram of different models, and the equipment manufacturer will continue to supplement the three-dimensional data diagram of new models. Therefore, it can meet the positioning repair needs of all models in the world, avoiding repeated investment in the purchase of positioning fixtures to save costs for customers. The application of general positioning fixtures can not only improve the accuracy and maintenance quality of accident vehicle maintenance but also greatly improve the efficiency of accident vehicle maintenance by 40%-50%. Therefore, the girder correction instrument with a universal positioning fixture should be the best choice for sheet metal masters and automobile maintenance enterprises. 

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    Use the universal positioning fixture to fix the front longitudinal beam of the car Through the three-dimensional spatial data of the universal positioning fixture system, the beam corrector with the universal positioning fixture is used to repair the severely damaged vehicle

(2) Local replacement or maintenance of the body
When the car is in a collision, the damage only occurs locally, such as the front and rear fender panels, doors, engine cover, or baggage cover are damaged, the body can be replaced locally to achieve the purpose of saving time and reducing costs. With the improvement of the localization rate of cars, some auto body sheet metal parts are sold by some manufacturers, and the price is far lower than the repair cost of body sheet metal parts. If you can buy the parts to be replaced, such as the front fender of the car body, as long as the damaged front fender is easily removed or welded on the car body, and then the new fender is installed in the original position, the purpose of easily repairing the body can be achieved. Of course, in the repair accompanied by the disassembly and replacement of the automobile and other parts assembly, the purpose of refitting and restoring the original function should be achieved. Remove the damaged body sheet metal and repair it separately or as scrap iron depending on the severity of the damage. If it can be repaired, spare parts can be used for replacement.

(4) Body bottom plate correction
    When the car is seriously damaged, involving the deformation of the body floor, it is not necessary to replace the body completely, the body floor correction and body correction should be carried out first, and then the damaged body sheet metal parts should be repaired. The bottom plate correction is complete, ensuring the three-dimensional position of the bottom plate, ensuring the overall position of the car body, determining the placement position of the engine assembly and the front suspension, and restoring the positioning Angle of the car wheel and the positioning of other assemblies. After the bottom of the body is corrected, the body sheet metal is repaired. Tensile correction rear bottom beam The general positioning fixture is used for accurate positioning correction of the body floor

(5) Correction of a side impact of the vehicle body
    During the collision, the side of the car body was seriously damaged, and the side of the car body was dented and deformed. When the collision force is large, the side deformation of the body may be transmitted from one side to the body floor, causing serious deformation of the body floor, and may be transmitted to the roof, causing deformation of the roof. Even from the body floor and top cover to the other side, so that the other side of the body bulge (is the sheet metal master often said "banana" accident car). It should be restored to its original shape by employing correction. When one side of the threshold is seriously deformed and involves the bottom of the body. Weld one or more pieces of traction iron on the threshold according to the deformation position and deformation condition. Hold the front and rear ends of the body floor and use the traction cable to pull the traction iron. Depending on the deformation, auxiliary traction can also be carried out in the opposite direction of the front and rear ends of the body floor. This maintenance method has been relatively old and cannot be fully restored to the size requirements of the original car. Now a large number of automobile maintenance enterprises have adopted the new "positioning method" to repair. The undeformed points at the bottom of the body are fixed by positioning fixtures according to the chassis maintenance drawings, and the deformation parts are gradually stretched by using lata until the points of all deformation parts can be fixed by positioning fixtures according to the dimensions shown in the chassis maintenance drawings. When these points are fixed, it means that the chassis has been restored to the size requirements of the original car. Then the appearance parts are positioned and welded by the "McPherson" measuring system

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