Solary Infrared Paint Curing Lamp, 2100W 110V Short Wave Infrared Paint Baking Lamp, Car Bodywork Paint Repair Tool with Bracket

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  • 【Shortwave Infrared Heating】 The paint baking lamp adopts shortwave infrared, it has high luminous efficiency and strong penetrating power. Let the paint dry quickly. Due to its high thermal efficiency, it penetrates the coating layer and dries from the inside to the outside, improving the surface gloss and adhesion of the coating and significantly reducing wrinkles and gaps.

  • 【Intelligent Timing】 This baking infrared paint curing lamp can burn a large painted area, a smart timer that can be adjusted from 1 minute to 30 minutes. The baking time can be freely set according to the spray surface. Equipped with two 1050W shortwave infrared halogen lamps with excellent durability.

  • 【Movable and Height Adjustable】 This paint curing dryer is equipped with a pulley that can be easily moved. The height can be adjusted by moving the lamp head up and down, and the lamp head can rotate, which is very convenient for operation in narrow spaces.

  • 【High-quality Materials】 The lamp shade of this paint lamp is made of 304 stainless steel, has a clear energy-collecting effect, and is hard to oxidize. The radiator is made of die-cast aluminum and has an excellent heat dissipation effect. It is durable and has a long life.

  • 【Wide Application】 Shortwave infrared heat lamps are widely used in local paint drying, putty drying, automobile spray booths, etc., and are ideal spray baking tools for sheet metal painting, on-site repairs, and engine drying.

paint curing lamp






Infrared Paint Heating Light





  • 输入电压(50/60Hz):110V 1Ph
  • Emmiter功率(W):2x1050
  • 定时范围(min):30
  • 烘烤面积(m²):0.6x0.8
  • 温度(℃):60-70
  • 净重(kg):17


Single head 180 degree adjustment

360° Free adjustment

Lengthen the support arm to achieve 90° rotation

Four wheels make it easy to move anywhere











infrared paint curing lamp


The principle of short-wave infrared baking paint

Penetration contrast

drying time comparison


  • 在汽车维修中,整车油漆只占10%左右,局部维修约占90%。因此,我们的红外线油漆固化灯为您提供了极大的实用性,它非常适合于局部油漆干燥。
  • 短波红外具有很高的发光效率和很强的穿透力,可以直接穿透到涂料层中,加速其分子化学反应,使涂料中的水溶剂迅速挥发,从而使涂料快速固化。双组分油漆只需15分钟,油灰只需5分钟即可干燥。因此,油漆层的表面光泽高,涂层附着力强。


Infrared Curing Light Box Infrared Paint Curing Lamp paint curing lamp paint curing lamp paint curing lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
红外固化灯箱 红外涂料固化灯 红外涂料固化灯 红外涂料固化灯 红外涂料固化灯 红外涂料固化灯
功率: 300瓦 1050瓦 1050瓦 2 X 1050瓦 2 X 1050瓦 3 X 1050瓦
烘焙区域: 40 x 80厘米² 40 x 80厘米² 130 x 40厘米² 60 x 80厘米² 100 x 80厘米²
计时范围: 1-30分钟 1-30分钟 1-30分钟 1-30分钟 1-60分钟 1-30分钟
重量: 15磅 19磅 30.86磅 38.6磅 38.6磅 86磅

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Lots of quick heat!

This lamp puts out plenty of heat very quickly. The handle keeps you away from the heat, but you really need to be careful where you put this down when you're done - it stays hot a while! It definitely will cure paint, possibly a little too much too fast. You have to keep moving and mind your distance, but some form of thermostat would be a nice addition. I plan to use this to speed curing of lacquer, I'm sure I'll learn the hard way how much heat is too much!