Why Shortwave IR Lamps are Widely Used

There are many significant advantages of the shortwave infrared paint lamps, such as:

Solary Electricals 2-Head Short Wave Infrared Lamp

Fast heating: Shortwave infrared can quickly heat the surface of objects, saving time and improving production efficiency. Compared to traditional heating methods, they can reduce heating time.

Energy saving: Due to its fast heating characteristics, shortwave infrared paint baking lamps can significantly reduce energy consumption. This helps to reduce production costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Accurate control: The shortwave infrared paint baking lamp has an accurate temperature control system, which can ensure uniform and dry coating, thereby improving coating quality.

Environmental protection: Compared to some traditional paint baking methods, shortwave infrared paint baking lamps usually generate less exhaust gas and waste liquid, which helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment. 


Due to the significant advantages of the shortwave infrared paint lamps, the lamps are suitable for various materials and products, including metal, plastic, wood, etc. Therefore, they are widely used in multiple industries.

Automotive manufacturing: In automotive manufacturing, shortwave infrared paint baking lamps are used to quickly dry exterior coatings such as primers and topcoats. This helps to improve production efficiency and coating quality.

Furniture manufacturing: The furniture manufacturing industry uses shortwave infrared baking lamps to dry the coating on the surface of wood. This not only accelerates the speed of furniture manufacturing, but also improves the durability of furniture.


Electronic manufacturing: In the electronic manufacturing process, shortwave infrared baking lamps are used to solidify coatings on circuit boards. They can quickly and evenly dry coatings to ensure the quality of electronic products

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