Solary Electricals 2-Head Short Wave Infrared Lamp for Painting - Model B2EA

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  • Solary Electricals B2EA infrared curing lamp is a 360-degree rotatable dual-head curing lamp; it is equipped with two 180-degree rotatable individual heads.
  • B2EA infrared curing lamp generates direct, powerful penetration into the inner layer of paint. Completely dry two-pack paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes.
  • Adjustable light size; 
  • Key electronic components made in USA/Japan with CE/UL certification.
  • Input voltage can be customized (e.g.400V 1ph,400V 3ph).
  • Service life spans up to 6,000 hours.
  • Even radiation with timer and full baking functions. For extra pre-heating position, please search Solary Electricals B2 Infrared Curing Lamp.
  • Replacement bulb can be purchased here: Solary Electricals B2 Series Replacement Bulb.
paint curing lamp


Lamp Head can be Rotated: The paint curing lamp head can be rotated 180 degrees up and down and 360 degrees left and right, which is very convenient for operation in narrow spaces.

Movable: The paint baking lamp is equipped with a swivel wheel that can be easily moved, and the wheels can be locked to prevent the light from shaking when you use it.

Timing Function: The paint drying lamp with an intelligent timer, the adjustable time(1-30min), allows you to set the spray time according to the painted surface freely.

Adjustable Height: Move the lamp head up and down to adjust the height of the infrared paint baking lamp, which is convenient for you to bake the paint on various parts of the car.

Infrared Paint Heating Light
Powerful and Efficient

Equipped with 2 x 1050W shortwave infrared paint lamps, each light can be turned on/off independently, which is powerful and efficient. Life spans up to 6000 hours. Its working temperature rangers from 104-167°F(40-75℃). The baking area up to 60x80cm².

It can be Used Safely

Our shortwave infrared paint lamp use high-quality halogen lamp tube, high luminous efficiency, strong penetrability, less visible light, and low glare, the light is not harmful to your eyes and skin. The heating process is clean, without hot air and secondary pollution.

Technical Date:

  • Input voltage (50/60Hz) : 110V 1Ph
  • Emmiter power (W) : 2x1050
  • Timing rang (min) : 30
  • Baking area (m²) : 0.6x0.8
  • Temperature (℃) : 60-70
  • Net weight (kg) :17


Single head 180 degree adjustment

360° Free adjustment

Lengthen the support arm to achieve 90° rotation

Four wheels make it easy to move anywhere

Single Lamp Head 180° Adjustment

Single lamp can be used to adjust the angle alone

360° Free Adjustment

The lamp head can be rotated 360°, the car body, the car rear, and the car front cover can all be baked

Lengthen the Support Arm to Achieve 90° Rotation

The support arm supports 180° adjustment, which is convenient for you to paint all parts of the car

With 4 Wheels

With 4 swivel casters for easy movement and use, and the rear wheels can be locked to prevent movement when you use the paint lamp

Multi-angle Display


infrared paint curing lamp


The principle of short-wave infrared baking paint

Penetration contrast

drying time comparison


  • In car maintenance, the paint of the whole vehicle only accounts for about 10%, while local repair accounts for about 90%. So, our Infrared Paint Curing Lamp offer you great practicality, it is great for topical paint drying.
  • Short-wave infrared has high luminous efficiency and strong penetration, and can directly penetrate into the paint layer to accelerate its molecular chemical reaction, so that the water solvent in the coating can be quickly volatilized, so that the coating can be cured quickly. It takes only 15 minutes for two-component paint and 5 minutes for putty to dry. Therefore, the surface gloss of the paint layer is high and the coating adhesion is strong.


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Infrared Curing Light Box Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Power: 300W 1050W 1050W 2 X 1050W 2 X 1050W 3 X 1050W
Baking Area: 40 x 80 cm² 40 x 80 cm² 130 x 40cm² / 60 x 100cm² 60 x 80 cm² 100 x 80 cm²
Timing Range: 1-30min 1-30min 1-30min 1-30min 1-60min 1-30min
Weight: 15 lb 19 lb 30.86 lb 38.6 lb 38.6 lb 86 lb
Answered Questions
I need a Replacement bulb where can I get one?
Hello, you can buy the special lamp matching IR series on this page, if you have other questions, you can click the message tool on the lower right corner to ask us. B2 Series Replacement bulb 
Can this be effectively used to dry epoxy resins also?
Of course! This can definitely be used effectively for drying epoxy resins. Our methods/products have been widely used to dry various types of resins, including epoxy resins. It will help you complete your work quickly and efficiently, and ensure the quality and durability of the end result. If you have any additional questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you!
Does this get hot enough to cure powder coatings?
Absolutely, it gets hot enough to effectively cure powder coatings. Our product/method is designed to provide the precise temperature required for curing powder coatings, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish. You can trust it to meet your curing needs reliably.
Will this get up to 400 plus surface temp if insulated around the part with foil?
Hello, the temperature will gradually rise as the heating time increases. We have not tested the situation you mentioned, so the safety in this situation cannot be fully guaranteed.
    • Model: B2EA
    • UPC: 6971709259195
    • Functions: Timer, full baking
    • Input Voltage (50/60Hz): 110V 1ph
    • Emitter Power (W): 2 x 1050
    • Max Power (kVA): 2.15
    • Timing Range (min): 30
    • Baking Area (): 0.6 x 0.8
    • Temperature (°C): 60 - 70
    • Shipping Weight: 39.6 lbs

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Life saver for painted parts

      Works great, saves much needed time drying painted parts. Stand is a little flimsy where the top piece connects to the bottom but it works, and rolls around to needed positions. Have been using mine for months and its on for days at a time and so far so good.

      Leysi E. Arias
      Broken pieces.

      This are great for a car body shop. They work awesome for drying the paint. Bad thing some pieces came broken. Assembly is really easy . Maybe 15 to 20 minutes putting it together on each. I got 2. And they work really nice. They do pull a lot electricity. If i put 2 together brakers go off. But besides those little issue. They work great.

      Just us Pugs
      Great bang for the buck

      I never take the time to write reviews but I've been using this lamp for the past couple months and I'm surprised that it does exactly what it's supposed to do at a great price. Some of the cheaper lamps can be hit-and-miss with quality control and on the most part I don't see that's what's happening with this brand. Seems to be pretty consistent and the one I got is proving that. Great tool to have in the shop

      Juan Garcia
      Infrared light

      The infrared light was great. I used it to dry my paint on my car.

      Heats up nicely

      This is perfect for wrapping cars. It allows you to heat more evenly and has a larger surface area than a heat gun. The handle lands at the bottom of the box so you can place it on the floor or a stool without it tipping over.