How to make an induction heater! Do you know?

Using the principle of induction heating, you can burn iron rods in 3 seconds! How to make an induction heater? 

Let me first share a wonderful experiment, please see the picture below:

induction heater coil
Three seconds to red the iron bar
induction heater
real product photo show
schematic circuit diagram
PCB img
PCB top and bottom
Component list
  • 0.33uf 1200V capacitance *6
  • 100uh inductance *2
  • IRFP260 field effect tube *2
  • 470Ω5W cement resistance *2
  • FR307 diode *2
  • 1N4742 Diode *2
  • 10K resistance *2
  • LED, terminal *4
  • 48V20A switching power supply
  • copper pipe

radiating fin

radiating fin
Note: The FET can not directly contact the heat sink, the middle need to add silicone heat conductive sheet insulation.
Coil (copper tube)
Power supply to be used for induction heating
Power supply to be used for induction heating
Now, do you understand the principle? There are no friends who want to make it? Because you may not be familiar with it, you can not complete it. If you want to refer to the completed induction heater production, please click induction heater.


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