H7E induction heater

     Conduit Induction Heater/ Induction Heater/Handheld Induction heater tool can release stuck and rusted lug nuts, bolts and fasteners in car, truck, agricultural, ship repair.

H7E induction heater

Product Description:

    tube induction heater/Induction Heater/Handheld induction heater. H7E induction heater-1000W Using magnetic induction heating automotive, machinery, various metal parts and small parts on polyethylene heat treatment technology. It is mainly used to heat all kinds of rusty bolts, nuts, gears, belts, belts, bearings, sensors and so on. No open flame, no need to avoid the use of various flammable materials, such as plastics; No water cooling, safe operation, simple use, easy to carry.


induction heater


    Stable heating, easy to use indoors and outdoors. No burning, safe protection of other parts, improve work efficiency. It will not damage the parts near the heating unit. It will not damage the surrounding parts through rubber or plastic. No open flame. Principle: The use of metal and non-metal heating in an electromagnetic field will cause the screws to turn red in the induction heating device within 20 seconds. No open flame heating to ensure safe operation. Rubber and adhesive materials can also be heated and stripped through instrument fittings. Scope of use: Remove the screws from power towers, remove the screws from high voltage appliances, strong switch screws, remove the screws from transformers, remove the screws from various locations, remove vinyl streaks without solvents or rubber, remove hoses and AC wiring, the thinness of the heating and expansion bearing belts makes it easy to install, rust and deformed screw removal, and can be used for the removal of various industries and equipment.

    This machine is not only suitable for automobile repair shop, 4S shop, motorcycle repair shop, factory production line maintenance, mechanical maintenance, precision instrument equipment maintenance, unit maintenance department, logistics department, hardware store, but also suitable for tool brazing, diamond tool brazing, heat treatment of small parts, a small amount of precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) smelting, a small amount of stainless steel smelting.

induction heater induction heate induction heater 


  • Remove rusty bolts of various sizes.
  • Heat treatment hardware tools high frequency hardening machines, such as vise, hammer, pliers, wrenches.
  • Heating and disassembling various production lines, mechanical equipment, precision instrument parts.
  • High frequency quenching heat treatment of gear shaft of various power tools.
  • Welding of carbide saw blades with large and small teeth.
  • Silver frame, parts welded, annealed.
  • Welding of jewelry clocks and watches.
  • Electronics industry: extremely fine wires, various electronic components, fine parts, silver and silver welding.
  • Mechanical and electrical industry: quenching and tempering of fine metal joints, silver-copper welded micro motors, shafts, etc.
  • Wire industry: wire with induction annealing.
  • Toy industry: Clockwork thin metal plate has been tempered.
  • Knife welding: Quench the paper knife and shoe blade.
  • Various woodworking tools such as axes, planers and other heat treatments
  • Hydraulic components, such as plungers for plunger pumps, rotors for rotor pumps, reversing shafts on various valves, gears for gear pumps and other high-frequency quenching.
  • All kinds of steam and motorcycle high frequency quenching machine heat treatment, such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valve, gearbox in a variety of gears, a variety of fork, a variety of spline shaft, drive shaft high frequency induction quenching heat treatment, a variety of small shaft crank pin, a variety of rocker arm, rocker arm shaft, etc.

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