Solary SD307 Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector, 12V Dual Mode Car Pipe Leakage Tester with Pressure Gauge & Adjustable Flow Meter for All Autos

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[Air Mode & Smoke Mode] The smoke leak detector has air mode and smoke mode, and the two methods can be controlled independently. Built-in air pump and smoke generator, so it does not rely on additional air machine. Compact and lightweight design, convenient to carry when you go out to work, perfect for Mobile Automotive Repair!

[Pressure Gauge & Adjustable Flowmeter] The smoke tester automotive equipped with a pressure gauge and adjustable flow meter helps easily control air pressure because the air pressure of each pipe in the car is different; if the air pressure is too high, the pipe will be damaged, and if the air pressure is too low, the leak will not be detected. Therefore, the flow meter is essential to protect your detection system more effectively. All data are precise at a glance, which helps you better control the smoke effect. Make testing safer.

[Wide Application] The smoke leak detector machine can do smoke testing of multiple systems, such as EVAP systems, intake systems, exhaust systems, crankcase systems, engine airtightness, vacuum leaks, fuel tank systems, and various pipe fittings. Applicable cars, motorcycles, trucks, speed boats, etc.

[Easy to Use] The automotive smoke tester has a hook to hang it on your hood latch. Just add 20ml of baby oil or mineral oil, then connect the detector to the DC12V battery. it can output thick smoke within the 20s after turning on, and thick smoke output detects even the most minor leaks.

[Safe to Use] This car smoke machine has an intelligent protector; if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 90 ℃, it will automatically turn off the power to secure the safety of both the operator and device. In this case, please operate it later.


Solary SD307 car smoke machine is a professional car pipe leak detection tool, through heating mineral oil or baby oil into smoke, and then pressing it into the sealed pipeline system, it can output lots of smoke within 20 seconds, improving the efficiency of diagnosis.

dual mode

Quick Leak Diagnosis

Smart Protection

Dual Mode

Air Mode: Air mode can help you test whether there is a leak in the pipe by injecting air into the line, and judging by the sound made when the air leaks.

Smoke Mode: Smoke mode helps you lacate the leak accurately through the visible smoke. The smoke can be produced within seconds, dramatically reducing diagnostic time.

Note: Only after the AIR MODE is activated the smoke mode may start to work.

Quick Leak Diagnosis

No Leak: When the pressure gauge's value remains unchanged, there is no leakage in the system.

Small Leak: When the value of the pressure gauge drops, it indicates a small leak in the system.

Massive Leak: When the value of the pressure gauge reaches zero, it indicates a large leak in the system.

Smart Protection

The car smoke machine is equipped with an overheat protection device. When the temperature is overheated or the amount of e-liquid in the device is insufficient, the alarm (ALARM) indicator will light up, and the smoke will stop outputting;

when the temperature drops to the normal range, the device will resume work. The cycle is about 5 minutes, so you don't have to worry about it.

Product Specifications

Package Contents:


Product Specifications:

Model: SD307

Voltage: DC12V

Output pressure: 23 Psi

Lost traffic: 10-20L/min

Power supply: 12V car battery

Test oil capacity: 100ml

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 270mm

Host net weight: 3.4kg

Package Contents:

1 x SD307 Automotive smoke machine

1 x Smoke tube

1 x EVAP Special Connector

1 x Valve Core Wrench

1 x Standard Cone Adapter

1 x Hook / 1 x Universal airbag

1 x Rubber connector part

1 x Power Cord Clamp

1 Set hard rubber hose plug

How to do leakage test?

1. Pour 20ml of baby oil or mineral oil into the car smoke detector

2. Use the hook to hang the smoke leak detector machine on the car

3. Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected detector

4. Connect the detector the DC 12V battery and the device starts working

5. The pipes will be filled with smoke, check for leaks

Wide application

Full System Diagnostics, Don't Miss Any Leaks.

EVAP System Test: Leakage of the fuel evaporation system will cause fuel vapor to leak into the atmosphere, causing waste and pollution or unstable engine idling.

Crankcase System Test: Excessive pressure or corrosion of the crankcase is the main reason to damage the seal of the crankcase and cause oil leakage.

Intake System Tset: A leak in the intake system will result in inadequate intake of the car engine, leading to low engine performance.

Exhaust System Test: Uncleaned harmful gases escaping into the atmosphere or increasing the noise of the vehicle are the main disadvantage when leaks occur in the exhaust.

Car Sealing Test: Poor sealing of the car can lead to many inconveniences, such as it is not warm and dusty, not soundproof, not waterproof, etc.

Turbo Test: The leakage of coolant would cause the engine to report high water temperature.

Various Pipe Fittings Test: Smoke testing of brake hoses, power steering hoses, cooling system hoses, turbocharger hoses, fuel hoses, intake and exhaust system hoses, etc.


1. Before adding new smoke oil, pour out all the old smoke oil.

2. When using, if the smoke has water droplets, please replace it with a new smoke oil.

3.If the smoke is found to weaken during use, it means that the oil of the product is insufficient, please refill it in time.

4. After long-term use, the smoke oil will oxidize and deteriorate, and at the same time, it will affect the working state and life of the relevant parts of the instrument. Therefore, please replace the smoke oil in time.

5.The total amount of smoke oil filling at one time does not exceed 40ML, the initial fill volume may increase,which is normal. Excessive refueling can result in insufficient internal heating, no or less smoke output.

6. When the hook is lifted, please pay attention to tighten the nut on it, so as to prevent the hook and the body from rotating each other for many times, the body will fall off and be damaged.

7. When using the machine, do not start the engine, check the cold car or turn off the engine after the car is warmed up and test again.

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For the price it is very good!

1. Very reasonable price.
2. easy to use
3. Dropped it couple of times by accident, and it definitely held up!
4. Good smoke pleasure. And the adjustment valve works perfectly.

Its my 4th smoke based leak detector.
Other ones are bigger/bulkier. This one is very compact and straightforward.
And the fact that it just runs off 12v battery is a big plus!! Unlike 2 others that run off 110v ac.