Solary SD304 Automotive Leak Detector Tool, DC12V Dual Mode Car EVAP Smoke Machine Leak Tester with Pressure Gauge for All Vehicles

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[Automotive Smoke Machine SD304] Solary SD304 automotive smoke detector is a professional automotive pipe system leak detection machine that will help you find leaks and fix most general smoke leak problems. Supports various systems of smoke testing, such as EVAP system, exhaust system, intake system, fuel tank system, engine airtightness, various pipe fittings, and so on. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, speedboats, boats, etc

[Dual Mode] The air compressor has air mode and smoke mode, two modes that can be controlled independently. Air mode helps you test whether there is a leak in the pipe by injecting air into the pipe; smoke mode enables you to locate the leak accurately. It can output thick smoke within the 20s after turning on, and thick smoke output detects even the most minor leaks.

[with Pressure Gauge] The smoke tester automotive has a pressure gauge. Observing the pressure gauge lets you determine whether the pipeline leaks more quickly and accurately. Usually, the pressure gauge value continues to rise, indicating no problem with the channel. If the pressure gauge value decreases, Explain that the pipeline leak needs to be repaired.

[Built-in Air Pump] Solary SD304 smoke machine automotive has its own air pump and smoke generator, and there is no need to buy additional air machines. We use high-quality materials, and after many tests, the smoke created by the engine is non-toxic. Don't worry about damage to your body and vehicle; please rest assured to use.

[ Overheating Protection] The vacuum leak smoke machine has an intelligent protector to make it safe. Suppose the system detects that the amount of e-liquid in the instrument is insufficient or the continuous working time is too long. The system is overheated. In that case, the overheating protection indicator ALARM light will light up. The smoke will stop outputting until the temperature drops to the normal range, and the instrument will resume work, ensuring operator and machine safety.


When your car has poor airtightness, it is unable to keep warm, dusty, not soundproof, and not waterproof;

when the air intake system leaks and causes insufficient air intake of the car engine;

The fuel tank system spreads when improper installation causes gaps in the fuel tank and pipeline.

Don't worry; our Solary car smoke leak detector will help you find and solve problems quickly!


Quick Leak Diagnosis


Dual Mode:

Air Mode: Air mode can help you test whether there is a leak in the pipe by injecting air into the line and judging by the sound made when the air leaks.

Smoke Mode: Smoke mode helps you locate the leak accurately through the visible smoke. The smoke can be produced within seconds, dramatically reducing diagnostic time.

Note: Only after the AIR MODE is activated does the smoke mode start working.

Quickly diagnose leaks through the numerical display of the pressure gauge:

No Leak: When the pressure gauge's value remains unchanged, there is no leakage in the system.

Small Leak: When the value of the pressure gauge drops, it indicates a small leak in the system.

Massive Leak: When the value of the pressure gauge reaches zero, it indicates a significant leak in the system.

Operation steps:

1. Pour 20ml of baby oil or mineral oil into the car smoke detector

2. Use the hook to hang the smoke leak detector machine on the car

3. Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected detector

4. Connect the detector the DC 12V battery and the device starts working

5. The pipes will be filled with smoke, check for leaks

Wide application

Full System Diagnostics, Don't Miss Any Leaks.

EVAP System Test: Leakage of the fuel evaporation system will cause fuel vapor to leak into the atmosphere, causing waste and pollution or unstable engine idling.

Crankcase System Test: Excessive pressure or corrosion of the crankcase is the main reason to damage the seal of the crankcase and cause oil leakage.

Intake System Tset: A leak in the intake system will result in inadequate car engine intake, leading to low performance.

Exhaust System Test: Uncleaned harmful gases escaping into the atmosphere or increasing the noise of the vehicle are the main disadvantages when leaks occur in the exhaust.

Car Sealing Test: Poor sealing of the car can lead to many inconveniences, such as it is not warm and dusty, not soundproof, not waterproof, etc.

Turbo Test: Coolant leakage would cause the engine to report high water temperature.

Various Pipe Fittings Test: Smoke testing of brake hoses, power steering hoses, cooling system hoses, turbocharger hoses, fuel hoses, intake and exhaust system hoses, etc.

Product Specifications

Package Contents

Smart Protection

Product Specifications

Model: SD304

Voltage: DC 12V

Output pressure: 23 Psi

Lost traffic: 10-20L/min

Power supply: 12V car battery

Test oil capacity: 100ml

Dimensions: 150x150x270mm

Host net weight: 3kg

Package Contents:

1 x SD304 Automotive smoke machine

1 x Rubber connector

1 x EVAP dedicated connector

1 x Power cord clip

1 x Standard cone adapter

1 x Universal airbag adapter

1 x Valve core wrench

1 x Test oil refill bottle / 1 x Smoke hose

1 x Hook / 1 Set hard rubber hose plug

Smart Protection

The car smoke machine has a smart protector to make it safe to use, if the system detects that the amount of e-liquid in the instrument is insufficient or the continuous working time is too long, the system is overheated, the overheat protection indicator ALARM light will light up, and the smoke will stop outputting.

Until the temperature drops to the normal range, and the instrument will resume work, ensure operator and machine safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Inexpensive, easy to use.

This unit is very affordable, and gets the job done.
Comes with a variety of adapters to help put the smoke where you need it.

I missed the detail that you need to hook up your own source of compressed air.
I wish it had a psi gauge on it, for added safety so you don't blow out seals.

Lucas White

Had to find some leaks in my exhaust & it got the job done.

fantastic product

This product worked well. I was able to rapidly find my EVAP leak that was causing me to fail smog. Makes lots of smoke and uses very little oil. I used baby oil from Dollar tree will last forever as I used only about 5 ml to find and test repair made. I purchased the SD301 but might have upgraded to either the SD302 or SD305 had I known they existed, mostly because I would like to monitor the pressure in a sealed EVAP system. The price point was fantastic at about 1/6 the cost of the lowest alternative that I am aware of. Although I have only had it for 24 hours and only used on one vehicle, the quality appears to be there including the packaging. I would highly recommend this product of the DIY person.

Ava Wilson
Fabulous Auto Tool

This small machine does a great job of making smoke and putting it under pressure so that you can find leaks in your engine, exhaust system, or ventilation components. It is a good investment and works very well. I'm glad I have one.

Nice little machine

This machine is so good and produce a lot of smok+air pressure so u run your test without the need of an air compressor. I got it to test my car and in 2 minutes I was able to locate where the leak was . It's a little expensive but it's worth it from my experience.