Solary Electricals MIG228S Inverter aluminum MIG Welder

  • Solary Electricals MIG228S is applicable on a wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, HSS high strength steels, galvanized sheets, aluminum and more.
  • Suitable for soft wire such as the Alsi5 or Alsi12(recommended for car body repairs).
  • Equipped with double-pulse technology, Solary Electricals' MIG228S is your ideal tool for aluminum welding.
  • Equipped with IGBT inverter, soft switching control technology and fast arc ignition system to ensure an efficient and steady welding. Materials' mechanical properties are maintained with minimum welding deformation and spatter.
  • Built-in memory function that stores up to 6 sets of customize welding data.
  • SYNERGIC Function - rapid and easy setting of welding programs. Ensures a constant strong control on the arc for high welding quality.
  • Digital display panel and the latest PWM control technology.