Solary Infrared Paint Curing Lamp, 3 Head Short Wave Infrared Lamps for Car Drying Paint

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709258723


  • Solary Electricals B3E infrared curing lamp is a 300 degree rotatable 3 heads curing lamp.

  • High Quality: The lamp shade of this paint lamp is made of 304 stainless steel, has a clear energy collecting effect and is hard to oxidize. The radiator is made of die-cast aluminum and has an excellent heat dissipation effect. It is durable and has a long life.

  • Intelligent Timing: This baking infrared paint curing lamp can burn a large painted area, a smart timer that can be adjusted from 1 minutes to 30 minutes. The baking time can be freely set according to the spray surface. Equipped with 3 1050W shortwave infrared halogen lamps with excellent durability.

  • Shortwave Infrared Heating: The paint baking lamp adopting shortwave infrared, it has high luminous efficiency and strong penetrating power. Let the paint dry quickly. Due to its high thermal efficiency, it penetrates the coating layer and dries from the inside to the outside, improving the surface gloss and adhesion of the coating and significantly reducing wrinkles and gaps.

  • Wide Range of Uses: Shortwave infrared heat lamp are widely used in local paint drying, putty drying, automobile spray booths, etc., and are ideal spray baking tools for sheet metal painting, on-site repairs, and engine drying. It is the best auxiliary tool for car repair and maintenance.

  • Easy to Use: This paint curing dryer is equipped with a pulley that can be easily moved. The height can be adjusted by moving the fixing bracket up and down, and the lamp head can rotate, which is very convenient for operation in narrow spaces.

  • Even radiation with timer and full baking functions.


For extra pre-heating function, check out Solary Electricals B3 Infrared Curing Lamp

  • For extra adjustable curing power function, check out Solary Electricals B3EA Infrared Curing Lamp.
  • For extra distance sensor function, check out Solary Electricals B3S Infrared Curing Lamp.
  • 90-degree rotatable base; 4" caster with brake.
  • Replacement bulb can be purchased here: Solary Electricals B2 Series Replacement Bulb.
        • Model: B3E
        • Functions: Timer, full baking
        • Input Voltage (50/60Hz): 220V 1ph
        • Emitter Power (W): 3 x 1050
        • Max Power (kVA): 3.2
        • Timing Range (min): 30
        • Baking Area (): 1.0 x 0.8
        • Temperature (°C): 60 - 70
        • Net Weight: 39kg

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