SOLARY Hot Staples for Car Bumper Repair Plastic Welding

  • Description
  • Raw Material: iron.
  • Strong for shock and twist after repair. The ideal way to repair most modern products which are made of plastic.
  • Wavy staple design for maximum load. Quick and easy operation.
  • Staples weld into the plastic quickly and easily. Repairs at least 98% of the plastics on the market.
  • Perfect for repairing: cracked bumpers, headlights, plastic wings and much more.
  • Product Contents
  • Iron (for plastic flating) 1pc 
    S-staple large surface(φ0.6mm) 200pcs
    S-staple large surface(φ0.8mm) 
    Z-staple stitch tears(φ0.6mm) 
    Z-staple stitch tears(φ0.8mm) 
    V-staple inside corner(φ0.8mm) 
    M-staple outside corner(φ0.6mm)