Solary Electricals Spot Welder - Model SP7110 Pl Welder

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709251564


Solary Electricals SP7110 Spot Pl Welder is ideal for welding a variety of parts including washers, wiggle wire, and rivets. It is also suitable for sheet metal repair & patching, as well as carbon rod heating and shrinking. It is not suitable for aluminum panels.

  • Equipped with a suction slide hammer set for large dent repairs with maximum protection of paint coatings.
  • Voltage transformer provides good thermal and electrical conductivity for consistent current, while also being durable enough to withstand the heat generated during the welding process.
  • Adjustable welding current.
  • Digitally controlled programmable weld settings and time settings for producing factory quality welds.
  • Double-side spot welding.
  • Equipped with fan cooling.
  • Thermal protection.
  • Model: SP7110
  • Input voltage (50/60Hz): 220V 1ph
  • Output (V): 4.5 - 9.0
  • Max spot welding current (A): 5500
  • Max welding thickness (mm): 0.6
  • Dimensions (mm): L510 x W570 x H940
  • Net weight: 45kg