Solary Electricals 6-Head Short Wave Infrared Paint Curing Lamp - Model B6EA

  • Powerful penetration directly into the inner paint layer; completely drying two-component paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty within 5 minutes.
  • Key electronic components made in USA/Japan or with CE/UL certification. Lamp cassette assembly can be rotated and swivels to achieve the best drying position. Convenient height adjustment with a gas strut.
  • Six lights can be controlled separately. Large and wide chassis can horizontally enter the bottom of the car through the tire.
  • Advance paint curing technology.Ideal for polyurethane paint (double components paint), single-component paint, and water-based paint.
  • Individually adjustable emitter cassettes have a long life emitter with a life span of up to 6000 hours.

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