Solary Electricals DG8 Dust-Free Sanding System


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  • Solary Electricals DG8 Dust-Free Sanding System is a simplified version of Solary Electricals DG10 Dust-Free Sanding System but with most of the original powerful functions.
  • Automatic sanding settings.
  • Solary Electricals DG8 Dust-Free Sanding System's dust collector radiation is designed to be bi-channel air cooled to keep the motor work in a stable temperature for a longer operating time hence extending the machine life.
  • Solary Electricals DG8 Dust-Free Sanding System's dust collector is made of copper coils motor with less noise during operation. The turbine air design reduces dusting noise and enables air to go smoothly to the collector. Strong power and good heat radiation.
  • Automatic Servo Control function: the collector works at the same time when the sander is working, the collector delays stopping for 6-10 seconds after the sander stops to clean the dust thoroughly.
  • Solary Electricals DG8 Dust-Free Sanding System's main unit is equipped with precise oil-water separator and lubricator. Sander automatically supplies the lubricant during working time to prolong the sender’s life.
  • Open-design collector to take out dust easily, plus cooling down the motor.
  • 5 layer-filter to clean the air with no secondary pollution.
Specification DG8A DG8E
Sander style Single air Single electric
Air pressure > 6.3kg > 6.3kg
Max power 1600W 2000W
Air volume ≥ 300L/min ≥ 300L/min
Container capacity 32L 32L
Suction 2200mmH² 2200mmH²
Voltage 220V 240V 220V 240V
Max volume flow 2.5m³/min 2.5m³/min
Length of power cord 5M 5M
Length of suction hose 5M 4.5M
Size 450mm x 460mm x 860mm 450mm x 460mm x 860mm
Net weight 15kg 15kg

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Better than expected

    It is so much faster than using a 5" random orbit sander from big box stores. About half the time or less of using the old sander and nearly no dust. Typically the only time I noticed dust was edge sanding and even then it was minimal if you turn the suction higher. Way quieter than expected as well.
    Dust collection with the aberrant pads is incredible but you also need the normal style sanding pads to sand edges or surfaces that have a sharp edge as the aberrant tends to tear on a sharp edge. Also, buy the pad protectors. When they wear out the work well for hand sanding.