Solary Handheld Short Wave Infrared Paint Dryer Lamp for Car Bodywork Repair, 1000W 110V

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  • Solary Electricals IR lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp is equipped with gold-coated short-wave tubes and gold-coated reflectors with 97% high reflectivity and strong anti-oxidation.
  • Heating infrared lamp provide temperature heat source Direct powerful penetration into the inner layer of paint. Completely dry two-pack paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes.
  • Infrared Heater Lamp Portable design; easy-to-cure edges, small spots, or hard-to-reach areas.The switch is located right next to the handle for ease of operation.
  • Applications: Soften trim moldings when replacing windscreens or removing strips, heat through film for chrome wrapping on automobiles/cars, heat aluminum to repair aluminum-body vehicles, dent pulling, or removal.
  • Replacement bulb/heater tube can be purchased here: IR Series Replacement Bulb.
  • Colors: Yellow and Grey. Please note that we will ship in Random delivery, no color is specified.
handheld infrared paint curing lamp

Infrared paint dryers are widely used in local paint dryers, putty dryers, car spray booths, etc., and are spray baking tools for sheet metal painting, on-site repairs, engine drying, etc.

Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Short-Wave Infrared

Short-wave infrared has a high light yield and a strong penetration capacity. It can penetrate directly into the paint layer to accelerate its molecular chemical reaction so that the water solvent in the coating can quickly volatilize, allowing the coating to curing time soon.


The portable heat lampis a radiant heating device that emits infrared radiation, providing warmth for various applications.

It is equipped with a 1000W shortwave infrared lamp tube, a paint lamp compact, lightweight, highly efficient, energy-saving, wide drying area, strong drying ability, and quick drying.


Safety handle design, avoid injury due to high-temperature contact, safer

Some Safety Features:

  • With a safety pad to prevent high-temperature burns and contact with burns
  • Two layers of high-temperature insulation board and ample cooling holes to improve the safety factor
  • Long life emitter: life spans up to 6000 hours.
  • Two colors of your choice


professional Reflector

Baking Area


Professional Reflector

Specially designed reflective surface makes the heat distribution on the baking surface of the car very uniform

Baking Area

The radiating surface is rectangular, which is convenient for baking rectangular scratches and adhesive parts.

Lightweight and Portable

This Handheld Baking Infrared Paint Dryer is lightweight and portable, easy to control manually, offering great flexibility and convenience.


Drying in hard reach area or small area

removing strip

replacing windscreen

soften trim moulding

Product Specifications:

Input voltage (50/60Hz): 110V ×1Ph
Emitter power (W): 1000
Temperature(°C): 60-70
Net weight(kg): 1.3
Infrared Paint Curing Lamp paint curing lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp Infrared Paint Curing Lamp
Paint Baking Lamp Paint Baking Lamp Paint Baking Lamp Paint Baking Lamp Paint Baking Lamp
Power: 1600W 1050W 2 x 1050W 2 x 1050W 3 x 1050W
Baking Area: 0.4 x 0.8㎡ 0.4 x 0.8㎡ 0.6 x 0.8㎡ 0.6 x 0.8㎡ 1x1.2㎡
Feature: Height adjustable, Lamp head can be rotated Height adjustable, Lamp head can be rotated, Movable Height adjustable, Lamp head can be rotated, Movable Height adjustable, Lamp head can be rotated, Movable Height adjustable, Lamp head can be rotated, Movable
Timer: 1-30min 1-30min 1-30min 1-30min 1-30min
Answered Questions
I need a Replacement bulb; where can I get one?
Hello, you can buy the unique lamp-matching IR series on this page; if you have other questions, click the message tool in the lower right corner to ask us. IR Series Replacement bulb
Can this be effectively used to dry epoxy resins also?
Of course! This can be used effectively for drying epoxy resins. Our methods/products have been widely used to dry various epoxy resins. It will help you complete your work quickly and efficiently and ensure the quality and durability of the result. If you have any additional questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to serve you!
Does this get hot enough to cure powder coatings?
It gets hot enough to cure powder coatings effectively. Our product/method is designed to provide the precise temperature required for curing powder coatings, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish. You can trust it to meet your curing needs reliably.
Will this get up to 400 plus surface temp if insulated around the part with foil?
Hello, the temperature will gradually rise as the heating time increases. We have yet to test the situation you mentioned, so the safety in this situation cannot be fully guaranteed.
  • Model: IR1
  • Input voltage: 110V 1ph
  • Emitter Power (W): 1 x 1000
  • Temperature: 60 - 70°C
  • Net weight: 13kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Madison Davis
Worked great

Worked out great I used them to cure powder coating on my handlebars I ordered I put a picture up but apparently Amazon only lets me look at 1% of my thousands of photos

Takes it right off

I'm a 20 year+ sign/wrap installer. Using this for removal is a game changer. Even when vinyl is old and cracked.

Great heater!

THE Infrared Heater Lamp has exceeded all my expectations.

Using as a IR waxing iron.

Viewed a YTube video on IR waxing "irons" used in ski shops. Benefits are supposedly deeper wax penetration into the amorphous structure of bases with less heat and wax. Only problems are the size and cost of these shop specific IR waxing stations. This specific IR heating unit is promoted at a ski wax company as a home use model. Compact and reasonable price.

Initial impression. Lightly scraped off the storage wax (Swix CH10) and melted on a layer of CH6 (cold temp wax) to blend in with remaining CH10. The IR iron works slick like in the YTube video at the MountainFlow channel (the wax company promoting the iron). Using an indirect thermometer to monitor the base temp. Results. Wax was melting at lower temperature than the traditional digital Swix waxing iron would be set at. Topskin of the snowboard based on memory felt cooler than using a traditional iron. Not even really warm to the touch. Was concerned that deep penetrating heat would heat up the denser wood core more than traditional iron.

Time, oxygen, UV, and heat cause ski/snowboard bases to deteriorate. Deterioration form a "layer" that reduces the ability for wax to penetrate into the base. It's the wax within the amorphous structure that is important. Heat and UV exposure are two we can control. Assuming that the lower heat necessary for deep penetrating waxing will extend the life of the bases requiring less stone grinding or serious base peeling to expose fresh base.

"iron" is simple and safe to operate. See MountainFlow YTube video. Cost effective in terms of less wax wasted compared to traditional hot waxing if this unit lasts the 6000 hrs rated for. Minimal scraping and brushing required to finish off the wax job. Minimal wax wasted. 3.5 real stars due to cost. If the unit lasts for the hoped for lifespan it earns an extra star.

Buen producto

Precio bueno y no trae base