Solary Electricals Hand-Held Dent Puller Machine - 1300A, Model A3 Dents And Dings Repair

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709257207

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This product is a batch product. The minimum order quantity is 20 sets. Please get in touch with customer service before placing an order to provide you with exclusive service.

Solary Electricals A3 Dent Puller can be used in a wide variety of applications: washer welding, carbon rod heating, partial heating, tempering for car body dents, etc.

  • Premium, long service life changeover switch; Two-functional welding tips.
  • Inner fan for heat dissipation.
  • Voltage transformer made in copper enables high output voltage and heavy duty load.
  • Pre-programmed time setting during operation mode selection.
  • Dual-function welding contact tips with convenient earth connectors: weld washer ring and increase electricity current for heating simultaneously.
  • Portable hand-held welding gun. Ergonomics design to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Input voltage can be customized.
  • What's in the Box
    Includes 1 set spot welder, 50 pieces of washers, 50 pieces of electrodes/ magnet for washer, 3 pieces carbon electrodes, 3 pieces of extractors, small strikers, spot weld needle connectors, and pothooks.
  • If you are looking for a 1300A dent puller with a trolley, check out Solary Electricals A3T Dent Puller and Solary Electricals A3D Dent Puller.
Specification A3 A4 A6
Input voltage (50/60Hz) 220V 1ph 220V 1ph 220V 1ph
Charge voltage 8 - 9.5 7.8 - 9 7.8 - 9
Max spot welding current (A) 1300 1300 2000
Dimensions (mm) L400 x W280 x H280 L475 x W340 x H830 L475 x W340 x H830
Net weight 28.5kg 32kg 38kg
Input voltage can be customized.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Perfect for the professional or DIYer

      Used it for the first time and was not disappointed, received my dent pullers but it was missing the slide hammer that has the weldable triangle attached, the seller was very responsive and helpful with my problem and had one shipped out from China, although that took 3 weeks to get it was a one-off problem that was resolved to the best of the seller's ability. Worked great for general dent pulling and is extremely versatile over using a standard stud gun.