Solary Electricals Spot Welder - 4600A, Model 4650

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709258563


This product is a batch product. The minimum order quantity is 20 sets. Please get in touch with customer service before placing an order to provide you with exclusive service.

Solary Electricals 4650 Spot Welder is suitable for welding washers, special washers, wriggle wire, rivets, sheet patching, carbon rod heating and shrinking.
  • Voltage transformer made in copper enables high output voltage and heavy duty load.
  • Widely adjustable welding current with non unit-specific parameter adjustment.
  • Pre-programmed time setting during operation mode selection.
  • Dual-function welding contact tips with convenient earth connectors: weld washer ring and increase electricity current for heating at the same time.
  • Built-in thermal protection to extend the service life of the machine.
  • Equipped with suction slide hammer set (optional for 4650) for repairs of large dent areas without damaging the paint work.
  • Model: 4650
  • Input voltage (50/60Hz): 220V 2ph
  • Max power(kVA): 13
  • Output voltage (V): 5.2 - 9.1
  • Max spot welding current (A): 4600
  • Max welding thickness (mm): 1.0
  • Timing range (s): 0 - 1.2
  • Duty cycle (%): 15 - 75
  • Dimensions (mm): L550 x W430 x H980
  • Net weight: 62kg