Solary SD302 Smoke Machine for Car - EVAP Smoke Machine Tester for Vacuum Leaks DC 12V

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709252578

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  • [Automotive Smoke Machine SD304] Solary SD304 auto smoke machine is a professional automotive pipe system leak detection machine that will help you find leaks and fix most general smoke leak problems. Supports various systems of smoke testing, such as EVAP system, exhaust system, intake system, fuel tank system, engine airtightness, various pipe fittings, and so on. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, speedboats, boats, ect.

  • [Dual Mode] The smoke leak detector has air mode and smoke mode, two modes that can be controlled independently. Air mode helps you test whether there is a leak in the pipe by injecting air into the tube. Smoke mode enables you to locate the leak accurately. It can output thick smoke within 20 after turning on, and thick smoke output detects even the most minor leaks.

  • [with Pressure Gauge] The smoke evap tester automotive has a pressure gauge; by observing the pressure gauge, you can determine whether the pipeline leaks more quickly and accurately. Usually, the pressure gauge value continues to rise, indicating no problem with the channel. If the pressure gauge value decreases, Explain that the pipeline leak needs to be repaired.

  • [Built-in Air Pump] Solary SD304 evap smoke machine machine automotive leak detector has its own air pump and smoke generator—no need to buy additional air machines. We use high-quality materials, and after many tests, the smoke created from the device is non-toxic. Don't worry about damage to your body and vehicle; please rest assured to use.

  • [ Overheating Protection] The car smoke machine has an intelligent protector to make it safe. Suppose the system detects that the amount of e-liquid in the instrument is insufficient or the continuous working time is too long. The system is overheated. In that case, the overheat protection indicator ALARM light will light up, and the smoke will stop outputting until the temperature drops to the normal range. The instrument will resume work to ensure operator and machine safety.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Quality parts

This is well wort purchasing. Reservoir has site and holds plenty of fluid. Puts out more than ample supply of smoke. I found leak instantly! The self contained air pump is definitely the way to go! Paid for it's self on first use.

Be prepared to replace the hose

2 problems the hose needs an upgrade and the flow meter will always show a flow. I blocked off the hose to leak check itself and found the stock hoses leak. After replacing the hoses it still showes a flow but I cannot find the leak. But it does work to find leaks in your car or whatever you are checking

Works great!

This works better than I thought. Had a small exhaust leak that I couldn't find. When I used this smoke machine, I could easily find the leak.