Solary SD302 Smoke Machine for Car - EVAP Smoke Machine Tester for Vacuum Leaks DC 12V

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709252578

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  • Comprehensive Leak Detection: Solary smoke leak detector SD302 is a professional automotive pipe system leak detection machine, ideal for identifying and resolving various smoke leak problems across multiple systems, including EVAP, exhaust, intake, and more.

  • Dual-Mode Precision: Featuring both air and smoke modes, this evap smoke machine leak tester provides exceptional flexibility. Air mode injects air for initial pipe leak testing, while smoke mode delivers thick smoke quickly to pinpoint even the tiniest leaks with precision.

  • Pressure Gauge for Accuracy: Equipped with a built-in pressure gauge, it helps you monitor and diagnose pipeline leaks with speed and accuracy. A rising gauge value means no issues, while a decrease indicates a need for repair.

  • Integrated Air Pump and Non-Toxic Smoke: No need for additional air machines; Solary auto smoke machine leak detector includes its air pump and smoke generator. The non-toxic smoke generated is safe for both users and vehicles, ensuring peace of mind during use.

  • Overheating Protection: This smoke machine automotive incorporates an intelligent overheating protector. It stops smoke output if e-liquid levels are low or if the machine runs continuously for an extended period, ensuring safety for operators and the equipment.

When your car has poor airtightness, it is unable to keep warm, dusty, not soundproof, and not waterproof; when the air intake system leaks and causes insufficient air intake of the car engine; when improper installation causes gaps in the fuel tank and pipeline, and the fuel tank system leaks. Don't worry, our car smoke leak detector will help you find problems and solve them quickly!

1 x SD302 Automotive smoke machine

1 x Rubber connector

1 x EVAP dedicated connector

1 x Power cord clip

1 x Standard cone adapter

1 x Universal airbag adapter

1 x Valve core wrench

1 x Test oil refill bottle (oil not included)

1 x Smoke hose

1 x Hook

1 Set hard rubber hose plug


1.If the smoke is found to weaken during use, it means that the oil of the product is insufficient, please refill it in time.

2.The total amount of smoke oil filling at one time does not exceed 40ML, the initial fill volume may increase,which is normal. Excessive refueling can result in insufficient internal heating, no or less smoke output.

3. When the hook is lifted, please pay attention to tighten the nut on it, so as to prevent the hook and the body from rotating each other for many times, the body will fall off and be damaged.

4. When using the machine, do not start the engine, check the cold car or turn off the engine after the car is warmed up and test again

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jackson Davis

Excelente producto lo recomiendo mucho solo que tienes que comprar aceite no viene incluido


Immediately found my EVAP leak on the 08 Jeep and fixed for less than $5. Works as advertised.

Olivia Harris
80 bucks to keep me from guessing at random gaskets. Life changer

Using this for a LS swapped truck with aftermarket standalone harness and ecu. The typical “spray carb cleaner at the sensors” trick wouldn’t work because the system is self learning. I knew I had a leak somewhere but had no idea where, and aside from buying smoke bombs to put in the intake I had no idea how to find said leak.
This little machine is the cheaper of the two listed but I’m thankful I purchased it.

At first it wouldn’t produce smoke, I removed the “fill” cap and put my finger over the smoke tube to burp it. That seemed to work because my engine bay got so Smokey afterwards I had to re-think my way of testing.

Unfortunately my only gripe is that the rubber cone isn’t large enough to fit on the throttle body I have. I suspect it would work on factory intake tubes though. Nonetheless, a bit of ducttape did me a favor.

I highly recommend this machine. I’m sure I’ll use it again sometime in the future. If not, I’m sure I’ll get most of my money back for it on Craigslist.

**mine did not come with oil. Be prepared to “borrow” your wife’s baby oil.

Benjamin Garcia
All in one combo is sweet

All in one combo is sweet

Works well enough

Works well for the price, will get you by.
Don't overfill the oil reservoir though or it won't produce very much smoke.