Smoke Leak Detector Automotive | Smoke Tester Automotive Built-in Air Pump

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  • Solary's new product on the shelves, the multi-functional smoke machine SD305, not only has a built-in air pump, but also comes with an air pressure gauge and a regulator meter for convenience.

  • Dual-mode design: This smoke machine automotive leak detector features a dual-mode design, comprising a pressure gauge and a pressure adjustment gauge. The pressure gauge provides real-time monitoring of internal air pressure, while the pressure adjustment gauge allows users to adjust pressure levels as needed.

  • Built-in air pump: The smoke leak detector is equipped with a built-in air pump, eliminating the need for an external air source. This design enhances the machine's convenience and ease of use.

  • Safety: The evap smoke machine leak tester comes with overheating protection (+75°C) and cold protection (-20°C), ensuring safety during operatio

  • Easy operation: Simply add baby oil to start the smoke machine. For initial use, only 10-20ml of baby oil is required. Follow simple steps to generate a large amount of smoke.

  • Multifunction:Our automotive smoke machine can perform various tests such as: EVAP system test, car sealing test, fuel tank system test, exhaust system test, intake system test and various pipe fittings test, ect. It Could be used on all cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, light trucks, boats, etc.

Product Description

 Solary SD305 smoke machine for easy leak detection, with its own air pump, user friendly, easy to operate, adjustable flow meter and precision pressure gauge, complete set of accessories.

 Solary SD305 automotive smoke machine for car owners, mechanics and garages, works in extreme environments and is suitable for most car models.

 Solary SD305 Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector detects leaks from a variety of systems such as engine, fuel, vacuum, etc. It is an essential smoke leak test for automotive repairs.

Solary SD305 smoke machine is simple to operate, powerful and practical, in addition, we also provide excellent after-sales service, to ensure that any problems that occur during your use can be solved in a timely and effective manner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Puts out plenty of smoke

Way better than that auto line pro smoke machine. I spent 200 on the auto line and it sucks. This machine right here tho is way cheaper and works great. Wish I would’ve bought it first 5 stars just buy it already 🙄

Christopher P.
Affordable smoke machine

Great little product that I have to find them small eve app leak on your car, mechanic wanted $300. Just put the smoke onto it to diagnose leak fixing would be extra.