Solary Paint Drying Lamp, 1050W 110V Infrared Paint Curing Lamp with Timer for Car Body Repair

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  • [Good Paint Effect] Our infrared paint baking lamp can cure area is 0.5*0.4m², equipped with a robust 1050W shortwave infrared paint lamp tube that allows heat to flow back through the conductive coating, Powerful penetration directly into the inner layer of paint. Therefore, the surface gloss of the color is high, and the coating adhesion is strong. Significantly reduce wrinkles and tears and avoid rework.

  • [Design] The lamp head and bracket of the paint drying lamp can be disassembled and used separately, and the lamp head can be rotated, which is convenient for you to paint on various parts of the car; the height of the bracket can be adjusted between 27.36in-72.83in, and it adopts a folding design, which is convenient for storage when not in use and saves space.

  • [Timing Function] Our paint baking lamp is equipped with an intelligent timer, and the timing time can be adjusted within 1-30 minutes, and you can freely set the paint baking time according to the paint surface. Automatically stop heating at the end of the timing, effectively avoiding damage caused by excessive heating time.

  • [High Heating Efficiency] Our paint curing lamp adopts infrared shortwave with high light emission efficiency and strong drying ability, making the heat distribution more even. The drying efficiency is higher than traditional drying heat sources, saving your working time and improving efficiency.

  • [Wide Application] Infrared paint curing lamps are widely used in car spray booths, furniture drying, partial paint drying, and putty drying. It is an ideal tool for field repair, engine drying, streak removal, and drying.

paint curing lamp

Height Adjustable

adjustable angle


Height Adjustable

The bracket adopts a telescopic design; you can adjust the height of the painted lamp according to your needs, and the adjustable height range is 27.36-72.83 inches.

Adjustable Lamp Head Angle

The lamp head adopts a rotatable design, which is convenient for you to paint bake various parts of the car and is easy to use.

Portable Bracket

The bracket of the paint lamp can be removed and folded easily, which is convenient for storage and transportation, and saves space


porous adjustment

Thermal hole design

Split Design

Our paint lamp adopts a split design. The lamp head and bracket can not only be used together but also the lamp head can be removed and used as a hand-held paint curing lamp. The use method is flexible and changeable.

Porous Adjustment

The handle is designed with multiple adjustable holes, so you can freely adjust the position of the paint lamp head.

Heat Dissipation Performance

The back of the paint curing lamp is designed with multiple cooling holes, strong heat dissipation function, avoid high temperature damage, increase work efficiency and enhance service life

Technical Data:

Model: B1M11S6
Input voltage (50/60Hz): 110V
Emitter power(W): 1050
Max power(kVA): 1
Timing range (min): 1-30
Baking area(m²): 0.5 x 0.4
Temperature(°C): 60-70
Net weight(kg): 4.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Powerful and portable

I purchased this inferred light to cure powder coating. I used it twice so far and it does the job. It might take a little longer than a oven but it worked without a problem. The lamp was packaged very well for shipping. As of right now the lamp is working good and I would purchase again.