Solary Magnetic Induction Heater, 1000W 110V Handheld Bolt Removal Tool with 12 Coils

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709256101

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  • [Heating Principle] The bolt buster heat induction tool adopts high-frequency magnetic fields to heat metal only with induction heat; the bolt is heated and expanded so that the bolt can be removed quickly. Thirty seconds of fast heating, No open flame caused by the heating, to ensure your safe working environment.

  • [With LED Indicator] Our heat induction tool, with LED light, can light up the work area to provide a view even in a dark environment. Can have a clearer understanding of the work progress and know the status of heated objects.

  • [Overheating Protection System] Our induction heating tool is equipped with a cooling fan at the end, which can fully dissipate heat; the built-in overheating protection system will stop working when the machine temperature is too high, avoiding machine overheating damage and protecting your work safety. When the machine temperature returns to normal, you can continue to work; you don't have to worry about it.

  • [With 12 Coils And Tool Box] Our induction bolt removal tool comes with 12 coils: 1 x 20mm coils; 2 x Φ30mm coils; 2 x Φ40mm coils; 2 x Φ45mm coils; 2 x mosquito coil-shaped coils; 2 x U-Shape 600mm coils; 1 x 1000mm coil. It is also equipped with a black aluminum alloy toolbox, which can help you store tools neatly, keep your studio tidy, and is easy for you to carry out for work.

  • [Wide Range of Applications] The magnetic induction heater kit is applicable to help remove all kinds of stuck metal parts. Heating rusty screws to make metal repair more easily is mainly used in auto repair shops, garages, or home environments where bolts need to be taken out.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
brett depee
Good company

It works good just can't over use it ,I burned mine up but the company stood behind it and fixed and returned it to me ,they really good to to work with

Local Fast Heating

As stated in the title, this tool will heat up metal locally without heating nearby parts but bare in mind about the radiant heat coming from the item you are heating up. If you're concerned, use a heat blanket to protect sensitive areas. The tool itself is quite long and a bit bulky but you can bend the coils to suit your needs. You can also purchase some formable longer leads from other sellers and wrap them around your part. A good alternative to a oxy/acetylene or a propane torch.

tracy stone
Magnetic induction heater

This thing is the bomb.. heats those nuts and bolts that are the hardest to break free.

Andy M
Works great on nuts

Used this to remove some seized suspension nuts and it worked like magic. Also added some WD-40 beforehand which also helped.

Also, the heater is huge so don’t expect to be able to get it into tight spaces, but it’s fine in open areas like suspension and the underside of the car.

Best investment

I brought this item to work on my daughter's car and it worked great.