Solary Magnetic Induction Heater Coil, Induction Heat Accessories (7 coils)

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  • 【Insulation Protection】These coils are insulated for your protection and also coated to resist abrasion, to ensure your safety, if the insulating layer is damaged, a new coil needs to be used.

  • 【Reusable】 Each coil can resist overheating and premature wear,they are all durable enough to be used at least several hundred times.

  • 【Great Flexibility】 These induction coils are all flexible and can be bent for various purposes,you just need to bend them till they meet your expectations.

  • 【Prevent Oxidation】Each induction coil kit is plated and coated, to avoid oxidation after prolonged use, so that it can provide maximum working efficiency

  • 【Application】The induction heater coil used to remove rusty bolts, nuts, bearings and gears ect, easily and efficiently.

Magnetic Induction Heater Coil
heater coil
Magnetic Induction Heater Coil Kit


Flameless Heating



  • Great Flexibility
  • Long Lifespan
  • Insulation protection
  • High temperature resistance




Coils Set

7 Coils

7 Coils + 1 Free Forming Coil

6 Coils + 2 Free Forming Coils

7 Coils + 2 Free Forming Coils

7 Coils






7 Coils + 1 Free Forming Coil







6 Coils + 2 Free Forming Coils






7 Coils + 2 Free Forming Coils







Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Crackey Magoo
Highly Versatile Coils

The Magnetic Heat Induction Tool Coils are highly versatile and perfect for a range of applications. Despite being thinner than the original Bolt Buster wires, they offer excellent performance and durability. Their flexibility allows for easy wrapping around objects, making them indispensable in any workshop!

Wyatt Carter
Fantastic - Works great!

The Induction Heater Coils are an absolute game-changer if you are a mechanic. Heat really does bust rusty or oversized nuts and bolts off and this is exactly what this set does. There are different sizes of coils so you can pick the one that best fits, then stick it over the fastener and watch it become red hot! They are good quality and every mechanic needs a set of these. 5 stars!

Nice kit to compliment our miniductor

Great addition to the pieces that came with our miniductor. Would highly recommend!

I would highly recommend this coil kit when purchasing the induction heater.

This kit has the size and length of coils to complete any job.