Solary 8pcs Multi-turn Induction Coils - for Magnetic Induction Heater

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709256262

5.0 / 5.0 based on 5 reviews


  • Insulation Protection: These Multi-turn tapered induction coil are insulated for your protection and also coated to resist abrasion, to ensure your safety, if the insulating layer is damaged, a new coil needs to be used.

  • Reusable: Each Induction Heating Coils can resist overheating and premature wear, they are all durable enough to be used at least several hundred times

  • Great Flexibility: These induction coils are all flexible and can be bent for various purposes, you just need to bend them till they meet your expectations.

  • Prevent Oxidation: Each induction coil kit is plated and coated, to avoid oxidation after prolonged use, so that it can provide maximum working efficiency.

  • Application:The induction heater coil is used to remove rusty bolts, nuts, bearings and gears ect, easily and efficiently.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cheryl Heafner
The best well kept secret

My husband and I own a mechanic shop. This was a good idea it makes my husbands job a lot easier.

Martin s.
Essential Addition for Smooth Operations!

These Induction Heater Bolt Removal Coils are a perfect addition to my toolkit. They work seamlessly with the induction heater, effortlessly loosening frozen bolts, nuts, and studs. The price is reasonable for the quality you receive. Highly recommend!

Exceptional Performance

I recently ordered the Mechanics Induction Heater Coils for a specific automotive test, and they delivered exceptional performance. Despite being considered consumable, these coils are durable and provide consistent heating. Their flexibility allows for easy maneuverability around objects. Highly recommended for anyone in need of reliable heating coils!

Sticking bolt
Sticking bolt

I used this to remove a sticking bolt for car repair. It was very convenient because I could spot heat only the bolt and remove the sticking bolt without affecting the surrounding parts too much.

Ken Holley
Size does matter

I love all the different sizes I'm always having to heat up all kinds of rusted old bolts and nuts on farm equipment