Solary Magnetic Induction Heater Kit, 1000W 110V Inductive Heating with 4 Coil for Rusty Screw Removing

Solary Electricals Barcode: 6971709253995

4.8 / 5.0 based on 8 reviews


  • 【Working Principle】Induction heater bolt removal through the principle of electromagnetic induction, the easy to magnetize metal bolts/nuts within the working range of the coil are heated, so that the bolts are heated and expanded, so as to quickly take out the bolts. 30 seconds fast heating, No open flame cause by the heating, to ensure your working environment in safe.
  • 【Reasonable Design】The built-in cooling fan can effectively prevent the heating device from overheating, can protect heat sensitive components and prolong the service life of equipment; The built-in LED lights at the end allowing you to work smoothly in the dark; Granular non-slip handle is ergonomically designed for a more comfortable grip.
  • 【With 4 Coils】 Bolt buster heat induction tool with 4 different sizes of coils, a variety of coil models and sizes can be adapted to work requirements in many ways. Make your workflow smoother.
  • 【Wide Application】 The induction heater bolt removal mainly used for heating threaded nuts and rusty screws to loosen them. It can also be used for automobiles, machinery, and various small Heat treatment of metal parts such as gears, pulleys, pulley, bearings, etc.
  • 【Portable Box】The induction heater comes with a carrying case for the whole kit, which is convenient to storage and carry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bought this for my husband

My husband loves this tool. Works great

Sophia Taylor
Skeptical but worked great

My new go to to losen frozen bolts

Logan Smith

This is an extremely effective tool.
And no fire to worry about.
Simple to use.

Innovative tool, helps where others can't.

I used this to replace old brake drums on my truck. The bolts and the nuts were rusted shut completely, however after heating them up red hot and hitting them with a hammer they loosened right up. It is expensive but well worth the money considering any shop will charge you more then that nowadays just to look at the rusty bolt let alone repair it.

J. Bruha
Works good, low price

Works good, surprised how well it works considering the price point. I got the version with more attachments than most, figuring it would be more versatile.
Works just as advertised, anything metallic inside the coil gets heated up rather quickly. Takes less than 30 seconds to get a 1/2" nut red hot, to break it loose from the bolt. Note I am meaning a nut that fits on a half inch bolt (fits a 3/4 inch wrench). It does this using electricity and magnetism and no open flame.
The coils should work as long as the insulation holds. The insulation seems pretty heat resistant but if you wobble enough that it touches a red hot bolt, it will melt a little and smoke, so protecting it while in use should help them last longer.
Overall it works very well, and at a decent price point. Just a few years ago, a similar tool would have been more than double the price.