Solary Hand Held Magnetic Induction Heating Tool for Rusty Screw Removing with 12 Coils,1200W 110V(Green)

Solary Electricals Barcode: 6971709252653

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  • [Heating] The magnetic induction heater adopts high-frequency magnetic fields to heat metal only with induction heat; the bolt is heated and expanded so that the bolt can be removed quickly. No open flame caused by the heating to ensure your working environment is safe.

  • [Handle Design] The handle of our electromagnetic induction heater is ergonomically designed and equipped with a comfortable green silicone handle cover, which will not tire when held for a long time, allowing you to use and work efficiently and quickly.

  • [Overheating Protection System] Our induction heating tool has a cooling fan at the end, which can fully dissipate heat; the built-in overheating protection system will stop working when the machine temperature is too high, avoiding machine overheating damage and protecting your work safety. When the machine temperature returns to normal, you can continue to work; you don't have to worry about it

  • [With LED Indicator] Our induction heating machine, with LED light, can light up the work area to provide clearly view even in a dark environment. Can have a clearer understanding of the work progress and know the status of heated objects.

  • [Wide Application] The magnetic induction heater kit is applicable to help remove all kinds of stuck metal parts. Heating rusty screws to make metal repair more efficient is mainly used in auto repair shops, garages, or home environments where bolts must be removed.


Voltage: 110V

Wattage: 1000W

Illumination: LED light at the end

Operating Temperature: -40~+60 °C

Tool Box Dimensions: 43*26.5*11.2cm/16.9*10.4*4.4in

Machine Gross Weight: 1.8Kg

Overall Weight: 3.4Kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
danny dean
I dont know how iv worked without it

This thing is awsome i was held up on a project because of a broken and stuck bolt that i could not get a tourch on i got this and within 5 minutes i had the bolt out but beware you will find yourself going around and heating random bolts all the time

Efficient and effective

can't believe how fast this tool heats up! It saves me tons of time on my projects and allows me to get the job done faster. When removing rusty screws, it easily unscrews even the most stubborn screws. I've used other tools in the past, but nothing compares to this. Highly recommended!

Perfect for removing Jeep JL body frame bolts

Perfect for removing Jeep JL body frame bolts that are glued from factory, without breaking them.

Jim Wegener
It Works!

This really does help to get old rusty bolts out of (my old truck) breaking way fewer bolts off! Pretty amazing actually.

This does work !

I used it on a piece of metal that was bonded to another piece of metal with solder between them. This would be a cramped area for a torch but the inductive heater did its job and I was done in about 3 minutes. I highly recommend this product.