Solary Infrared Paint Curing Lamp, 2100W 110V Short Wave Infrared Paint Dryer with Timer for Car Paint Spray Booth, Red

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  • 【Infrared Shortwave】Our paint curing lamp adopts infrared shortwave with high light emission efficiency and strong drying ability, making the heat distribution more even—powerful penetration directly into the inner layer of paint. Therefore, the surface gloss of the color is high, and the coating adhesion is strong, significantly reducing wrinkles and tears and avoiding rework.

  • 【Timing Function】The paint curing lamp with an intelligent timer has a regulated time range of 1 ~ 30 minutes. The baking time can be freely set according to the spray surface. Automatic shutdown when time returns to zero, which can effectively avoid curing and heating for too long and causing damage.

  • 【Features】This paint curing dryer is equipped with a pulley that can be easily moved; each light head can be turned on or off individually; the height can be adjusted by moving the light head up and down, and the lamp head can rotate, which is very convenient for operation in narrow spaces.

  • 【Safe to Use】Our shortwave infrared paint curing lamp uses a high-quality halogen lamp tube, high luminous efficiency, strong penetrability, and low glare. The light is not harmful to your eyes and skin. The heating process is clean, without hot air and secondary pollution

  • 【Wide Application】The paint baking lamps are widely used in car spray booths, furniture drying, partial paint drying, and putty drying. It is an ideal tool for field repair, engine drying, streak removal, and drying.

paint curing lamp
paint lamp


  • Short Wave Infrared Heating


Our shortwave infrared paint baking lamp releases no hot air without secondary pollution, which is more environmentally friendly. The heating efficiency is higher than traditional far-wave infrared, saving your work time and avoiding wasting energy.


  • Kind Tips:


Since the paint baking lamp tube is a fragile product, it may be damaged during transportation. If you find that the lamp tube is damaged after receiving the package, don't worry; please take a picture of it and send it to us, and we will reissue it for you as soon as possible.


The lamp head can be rotated

control panel

Widened and thickened chassis

height adjustable

The Lamp Head can be Rotated

The lamp head of our paint curing lamp can be rotated 360°, which is convenient for operation in small spaces.

Timing Function

The adjustable time range (1 to 30 minutes) allows you to freely set the spray time according to the painted surface.

Widened and Thickened Base

Our infrared paint baking lamp adopts a widened and thickened base, making the structure more stable and providing a long service life.

Height Adjustable

Move the lamp head up and down to adjust the height, which is convenient for you to paint all parts of the car.

Application Scenario:

Application Scenario

Applicable scene

Application Scenario

Product Specifications:

Model: TW2EA
Input voltage (50/60Hz) : 110V 1Ph
Emitter power (W) : 2x1050
Timing rang (min) : 1-30
Baking area (m²) : 0.6x0.8
Temperature (℃) : 60-70
Net weight (kg) : 17.5

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Based on 1 review
Great Product!

After trying several other lights from other vendors/sellers, this one finally was the golden ticket! Great product that does exactly what it says, came quickly, clear and easy installation. Our paint booth is now up and running and we even ordered a second light.