Solary 39 Inch Free Forming Induction Heater Coil (3 PCS 1000mm Bearing coil)

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709252547

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  • [Improve Durability] This induction coil kit, reinforced heat stabilized thermoplastic housing provides for increased durability inside and out.

  • [Safety]These coils are insulated for your protection and also coated to resist abrasion, to ensure your safety, if the insulating layer is damaged, a new coil needs to be used.

  • [Reusable] Each coil can resist overheating and premature wear,they are all durable enough to be used at least several hundred times.

  • [Prevent Oxidation]All coils are coated to eliminate oxidation and guarantee contact, so that it can provide maximum working efficiency.

  • [APPLICATION]Used to remove rusty bolts & nuts easily and efficiently.

Great Flexibility

These induction coils are all flexible and can be bent for various purposes, you just need to bend them till they meet your expectations.

Insulation Protection

These coils are insulated for your protection and also coated to resist abrasion, if the insulating layer is damaged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amelia Rodriguez
Heater Coil worked well

The heater coil was ordered for a test we need to complete for an automotive customer. The coil performed to the expectations for this test.

Mini-Ductor is a great tool! These make it better.

These additional elements make a great tool even better. You can reach hard to get spots with these and bend them how you want. FIt nearly every size nut and bolt.

Great price!!

Shipping was fast, the induction heating coils can be bent easily but I straightened and reshaped them. Helped loosen corroded water pump bolts nicely.