Solary Induction Heating Coil, Preformed Heater Coil for Magnetic Induction Heater, Inner Diameter 40mm

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709252257

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  • Enhanced Durability: Reinforced thermoplastic housing ensures lasting strength.

  • Safety and Longevity: Insulated and abrasion-resistant coils for your protection.

  • Cost-Efficient Reusability: Coils withstand overheating, for hundreds of uses

  • Oxidation Prevention: Coated coils for maximum efficiency and contact.

  • Efficient Rust Removal: Easily remove rusty bolts and nuts with this tool.


      • Upgrade your metalworking with our Magnetic Induction Heater Coil Kit. Remove rusty bolts, nuts, bearings, and gears easily and efficiently. These coils are insulated, abrasion-resistant, and designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring your safety. They're not only durable but also flexible, bending to your needs. With a plated and coated design, these coils prevent oxidation, providing maximum working efficiency. Say goodbye to open flames and embrace the safety and reliability of induction heating.

    • Package Includes: 1x Φ40mm Coil

    • Temperature Resistance: 400-600 degrees

    • Durability: Reusable for several hundred uses

    • Application: Rusty bolts, nuts, bearings, gears, and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
John Crites jr

This product has made life easier when getting off lug nuts that are unruly