Solary Induction Heater Bolt Removal, 1200W 110V Hand Held Magnetic induction heating tool with 12 Coils for Rusty Screw Removing

Solary Electricals Barcode: 6971709256187

4.6 / 5.0 based on 11 reviews


  • [Heating] The magnetic induction heater adopts high frequency magnetic fields to heat up metal only with induction heat, the bolt is heated and expanded, so that the bolt can be removed quickly. No open flame cause by the heating, to ensure your working environment in safe.
  • [Handle Design] The handle of our electromagnetic induction heater is ergonomically designed and equipped with a comfortable silicone handle cover, which will not feel tired when held for a long time, allowing you to use and work efficiently and easily.
  • [Overheating Protection System] Our induction heating tool is equipped with a cooling fan at the end, which can fully dissipate heat; the built-in overheating protection system will stop working when the machine temperature is too high, avoiding machine overheating damage and protecting your work safety. When the machine temperature returns to normal, you can continue to work, you don't have to worry about it.
  • [With LED Indicator] Our induction heating machine with LED light, can light up work area to provide clearly view even in dark environment. Can more clear understanding of the work progress, and know the status of heated objects.
  • [Wide Application] The magnetic induction heater kit applicable to help remove all kinds of metal parts that are stuck. By heating up rusty screws to make metal repair more easily, are mainly used in auto repair shops, garages, or home environments where bolts need to be taken out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Works great in like seconds to remove nuts


Greg A. Miller
Works, but overheats quickly

I haven’t used it in real life scenario yet. But did test it on a old bolt I had laying around and it works like a charm! Very impressed with the heat output. The tool had that bolt glowing red in about 30 seconds. I definitely recommend it and hope the tool lasts. That’s my only concern at this time.

Jose Giron
situational BUT works well

I say this is situational because you will need good access to the bolt however if you dont have a torch or cannot use open flame heat on a part this is a great tool! This is a complete kit with multiple tips and a durable case. you can bend the legs on the tips to be able to use it in tighter spots. overall this is a very cool and useful tool to have in the home box!

Works well

Tool was delivered with coil sizes which differed from the listing.

These things are handy as a shirt pocket

Have only had to use it once on a combine bearing. It wouldn't come loose with a puller so I heated it for a minute and it pulled right off. Combines and torches don't go together so this is a great alternative for using flame.