Solary Induction Heater Bolt Buster - Hand Held Magnetic Heat Induction Tool with 12 Coils for Rusty Screw Removing,1200W 110V (Orange)

Solary Electricals Barcode: 6971709252660

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  • [Heating] The magnetic induction heater adopts high-frequency magnetic fields to heat metal only with induction heat; the bolt is heated and expanded so that the stubborn screws can be removed quickly. No open flame caused by the heating to ensure your working environment is safe.
  • [Handle Design] The handle of our electromagnetic bolt buster heat is ergonomically designed and equipped with a Orange comfortable silicone handle cover, which will not tire when held for a long time, allowing you to use and work efficiently and quickly.
  • [Overheating Protection System] Our buster heat induction tool is equipped with a cooling fan at the end, which can fully dissipate heat; the built-in overheating protection system will stop working when the machine temperature is too high, avoiding machine overheating damage and protecting your work safety. When the machine temperature returns to normal, you can continue to work, and you don't have to worry about it.
  • [With LED Indicator] Our induction heating machine, with LED light, can light up the work area to provide a clear view even in a dark environment. Can have a more precise understanding of the work progress and know the status of heated objects.
  • [Wide Application] The magnetic induction heater kit is applicable to help remove all kinds of stuck metal parts. By heating rusty screws to make metal repair more efficient, they are mainly used in auto repair shops, garages, or home environments where bolts must be removed.

Electromagnetic induction heaters are mainly used in auto repair shops, garages, or home environments where bolts need to be taken out. Suit for loosen seized hardware, vent shades,bearings, gears, pulleys,seat belts part,torx bolt, lug nuts, fuel tank straps, etc.

  • 1 x 20mm coils;

  • 2 x Φ30mm coils;

  • 2 x Φ40mm coils;

  • 2 x Φ45mm coils;

  • 2 x Φ48mm mosquito coil-shaped coils;

  • 2 x U-Shape 600mm coils;

  • 1 x 1000mm coil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Frank Mensah
Great tools

It's s so good easy to use it and quickly

Donald H. Malozi
Induction heater1

Tried it on a frozen bolt- works great and much safer than open flame

mike j.
Need support

Purchased in February 2024
I used this flameless heater heater 2 times. The next time went to use it the unit will not turn on.
Contacted customer service for repair, after-sales has been good, replaced with a new machine.

Paid for itself the first time I used it.

When changing spark plugs in my F150 I broke two of the bolts used to hold the coil packs in place. Not wanting to use a torch for fear of damaging the plastic valve cover I used the induction heater to heat broken stud and insert it was threaded into to soften the plastic enough to pull them out of the plastic cover. In less than 20 seconds I had the insert with the broken stud removed from the cover. I was able remove the broken stud from the insert. The coils can be bent by hand for easier access to tight spaces.

Too early to rate longevity so Im giving it 3 stars. I've only had it 2 days and used it twice for a total time of ~ 40 seconds heating broken studs and inserts.

The Man
Versatile and Efficient!

The Induction Heater is an absolute lifesaver! It's incredibly versatile and efficient. The multiple tips allow for various applications, and the durable case keeps everything organized. Whether you're working in tight spaces or need precise heating, this tool gets the job done effortlessly.