Solary Inflator with gauge LED display for vehicles 255 PSI LED Display Tire Inflator Gauge

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709255869

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  • [Precise Measurement] Professionally calibrated, the digital pressure gauge always returns a reading within 2% of the exact pressure of your tire. It has a wide measuring range: 0.35-255 PSI, kPa (0.035-1758), kg/cm2 (0.035-18), and Bar (0.035-17.6).

  • [Ready to Use] The digital inflator with a pressure gauge connects to air compressor outputs to quickly fill tires to the optimal pressure. Press the release valve to deflate swiftly, and press the trigger to inflate. No more checking pressure with one tool and growing with another.

  • [LCD Display] Tire inflator gauge digital equipped with a large backlit screen LCD and 0.1 display resolution, displays large & clear numbers in 4 units and always gives you accurate readings.

  • [Save Battery Life] auto-on when tire pressure is detected and will also turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity to preserve battery life.

  • [Wide Application] The digital tire pressure gauge has 3 1 functions: test tire pressure, inflate and deflate the tire, reduce tools and simplify the process, and improve your work efficiency. Use for all vehicles, such as Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles, SUVs, Trucks, ect.

  1. This Tire gauge inflator can't automatically generate air, so it needs to be connected to air supply equipment

  2. 2 AAA batteries, No.7, power the product.

  3. Remove the sheath and open the cover to install or replace the battery.

  4. When connected to the tire, the pressure gauge automatically turns on when inflated.

  5. The backlight will automatically turn off within 15 seconds, and you need to press the on key to turn it on again.

  6. Convert by unit, select the required branch, and the selected team will be saved as the default after shutdown.

Common Product Problems and Solutions:
  1. If too much water is in the air compressor or the temperature difference in the use environment is ample, the tire pressure gauge may have negative pressure without turning it off. Please remove the battery and reinstall it to restore the default settings.

  2. The backlight is dark, and the display is unclear. Please pay attention to whether the battery power icon is in a low voltage prompt, and replace the new battery in time (the product uses the 7th battery).

  3. Slow inflation, no air intake. Check whether the air compressor pressure is too low or the clamp does not fully open the valve core.

four unit switching

large backlight LCD display

Labeling of various parts of the product

Four Unit Switching

Wide backlit LCD screen displays large, precise numbers in 4 units by PSI, KPA, Bar, or Kg/cm^2 per your preference.

Large Backlit LCD Display

The large, easy-to-read digital screen makes for seamless night visibility, an excellent option for filling tires day or night.


Constructed with a solid brass chuck and a "no leak" hose, this tool is built to last a lifetime!

scope of application

Technical Parameter:

Display mode: STG 1033
Working temperature: -20~+70℃
Storage temperature: -30~+80℃
Measuring range: 0.35-255PSI(0.035-18BAR)
Accuracy: ±0.2PSI (At the temperature of 20℃-30℃)
Net weight: 495g
Gross weight: 690g
Resolution: ±0.1PSI / 0.01Bar / 0.01Kg / cm2/1Kpa
Accessories: Air inlet joint; Inflatable tube; Battery
Theme color: Black
Applicable models: Motorcycles, bikes, cars, small and medium-sized vans

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Love this thing!!!

I like the fact that it locks on to the stem securely. I'm in my 60's and think this is the best air chuck I've ever used. If you go over the pressure it's a simple push of the button to lower it. definitely would recommend!!

Nice inflator!

This is a very nice inflator that I will be using to fill up tires. I like the bright gauge screen and how easy it is to use with the large inflation lever and the air release button. Often I end up over filling a bit so it's so easy to just release a couple of PSI with the push of a button. I'm surprised at the quality so far with this unit. I didn't like the fact that I had to finish assembling the air connector on myself. This should be done at the factory. But at least there was a roll of teflon tape to get the job done. The valve release tool was a really nice bonus and it helps me make sure that the valve itself is not leaking (in case of a slow leak) by making sure it's firmly seated. I can't speak towards longevity or durability but I think it will do well in a light/medium duty environment.

No more Pen Gauge, this works like a dream

This is an amazing gauge for the at home basic mechanic. Have used numerous times and has been a blessing. For the price throw out your manual $5 pen gauge and buy this one!