Solary Electricals Digital Aluminium CD Spot Welder - 230V, Model AL8

Aluminum spot welding is becoming more common as aluminum is being used instead of steel in many applications where weight is important, such as automobiles. Solary's AL8 Aluminium CD Spot Welder is particularly suitable for aluminium repair.
  • Solary Electricals AL8 Digital Aluminium CD Spot Welder is equipped with Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding (CD Welding) technology that uses readily-available electricity.

  • Equipped with special energy storage technology to ensure a stable, reliable quality and strong output without being affected by the circuit strength.

  • Tip ignition technology with its discharge capacity reduces the welding process to a very short time (3 millisecond). This minimizes overheating that can cause deformation on the panels.

  • Digital LED display to view and adjust voltages for fast, accurate and repeatable welding settings.

  • Come with complete set of accessories to meet all repair needs.