Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector - 12V DC EVAP Vacuum Diagnostic Tester for Pipe System Multi-Function

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  • Versatile Modes: Our smoke leak detector features independently controllable air mode and smoke mode. These two modes provide you with flexible detection options.

  • Precise Pressure Gauge and Adjustable Flowmeter: Our smoke tester for automotive comes equipped with a precise pressure gauge and an adjustable flow meter. These features help you effortlessly control air pressure. Each car's pipe has different air pressure, and maintaining the correct pressure is crucial to avoid damage or undetected leaks.

  • Built-In Pump and Smoke Generator: With a built-in air pump and smoke generator, you won't need additional air machinery. It's an all-in-one solution.

  • Portable Design: Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy portability, making it the perfect tool for on-the-go automotive repair!

  • Wide-Ranging Applications: This smoke leak detector machine is capable of conducting smoke tests on various systems, including EVAP systems, intake systems, exhaust systems, crankcase systems, engine airtightness, vacuum leaks, fuel tank systems, and various pipe fittings. It's suitable for use with cars, motorcycles, trucks, speed boats, and more.

Product Description

SD305 A+ - 1
SD305 A+ - 2






Fill the oil first (baby oil/vegetable oil), be careful not to fill too much oil at a time, maximum 15ML at a time.


Linking Automotive Power Supplies


Use the adapter to place the corresponding position


Turn on the switch, smoke machine out of the smoke

SD305 A+ - 2

SD305 X1

SD305 X2

SD305 X3

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert russell
They don't not send smoke oil with this kit

I like it because it small,haven't use it yet but it look like will be a good one

Excellent tool for finding leaks

The real name of the product should be called: "smoke generator". You inject smoke into a line and the smoke will exit where the leak is of course - so really YOU are the detector. In any case, the machine works very well. I used baby oil in mine and it produced thick (and smelly) smoke. I like the fact that this product comes with various types and sizes of attachment for different applications. I used mine to find an exhaust leak in my old Ford car - and found it in seconds. I used the tapered coned fitting and shoved it into the open end of the tail pipe - smoke immediately starting streaming out of a small defect where the exhaust pipe was attached to the muffler. Although not the intended use, I was also able to find a small leak in my water sprinkler line - (the water leak detection company I hired in my area, could not find the leak using compressed air and a listening device). So, there are other applications this can be used for. I like the fact the there's a pressure indicator gauger, which together with the air flow sensor, which allows you determine if there is even any leak at all before you turn on the smoke function. Only complaint is that after this machine is shut off and for DAYS afterwards, the machine emits a strong smoky odor. I had to leave it outside for a week for the machine to stop smelling and yes, as per the instructions, I did empty out any unused oil when i was done using it - but still the thing can stink up the garage and/or the entire house after use. Other than that, it works great, good value for the money and probably saved me hundreds of $$$ being able to find (and repair) these leaks myself.