Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector - Solary 12V DC Vacuum Smoke Diagnostic Tester Built-in Air Pump

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Dreaming of a top-of-the-line automotive repair tool, Solary's new Smoke Tester is the professional partner you've been dreaming of. Experience the Solary Smoke Machine today and start your journey to professional automotive repair with every detail under control.

Built-in Air Pump:The SD306 evap smoke machine leak tester for auto is designed for simplicity, requiring no external air source and ensuring quick installation. Its built-in air pump ensures efficient operation while enhancing portability, allowing you to effortlessly move the smoke tester to wherever it's needed in the vehicle.

Adjustable Flow Meter: The vacuum leak detector, adjustable flow meter allows for flexible control of air pressure based on the variations in pressure within each pipe. This prevents potential pipe damage from excessive pressure and ensures accurate detection of leaks by avoiding too low pressure.

Broad Testing Range: The smoke leak detector can conduct smoke tests on multiple systems, including but not limited to EVAP system, intake system, cooling/EGR/exhaust system, crankcase system, engine airtightness, vacuum leaks, and low-pressure turbocharger leaks.

Overheat and Overcool Protection: The SD306 automotive smoke machine is designed to be durable, featuring built-in safeguards against overheating (75 degrees Celsius) and overcooling (-20 degrees Celsius), ensuring safe operation.

Simple Operation: Using 10-20ml of baby oil, simply follow the steps of powering on, pressing the switch button, and activating the smoke button to generate a large amount of smoke. The smoke output of the smoke machine can be adjusted accordingl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fred T Cole
Good smoke machine

Evap smoke machine automotive ,quick heat up for fast and lots of smoke. Good air pressure controll. Have used this approximately 8 times now in my shop and has performed every bit as goo's as my S.On

Jeffrey G. Baughman
Very nice!

Had a small vacuum leak and could not find it until I purchased this device. Works wonderful!

Used it one time so far so good.

Works good