Solary Electricals PS308 Parts Cart Heavy Duty Cart

Solary Electricals PS308 Parts Cart Heavy Duty Cart is designed for temporarily storage of various parts and tools in car body shops to increase work efficiency. It is a great cart to keep your work shop clean, safe and organized.
  • Durable power-coat finish.
  • Compact package.
  • With 4’ casters and 7’ industrial wheels.
  • Bottom shelf is designed with no holes for storage of small parts and screws.
  • Suspension upper shelf to place or take out parts from bottom shelf easily.
  • The punching hole design on upper shelf provides users a clear view on parts in the bottom shelf, and can also be used to hang screw drivers.
  • With a special designed tray, user can store a variety range of tools, such as: adhesive ,paints, spay guns, grinders and polishers .
  • With 2 pipes in the upper shelf:
    • User can store and move big size parts easily, such as bumpers ,SUV foot plates, exhaust pipe units, front fenders, fuel tanks, etc;
    • The pipe is covered by another EVA pipe, together with two elastic ropes on the trolley, this provides protection and stability for items placed on the shelf.