Solary Infrared Paint Curing Lamp, Shortwave Automotive Curing Light for Drying Paint (6 Head )

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  • Powerful penetration directly into the inner paint layer; completely drying two-component paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty within 5 minutes.
  • Critical electronic components made in USA/Japan or with CE/UL certification. The lamp cassette assembly can be rotated and swiveled to achieve the best drying position—convenient height adjustment with a gas strut.
  • Six lights can be controlled separately. Large and wide chassis can horizontally enter the bottom of the car through the tire.
  • Advanced paint curing technology.Ideal for polyurethane paint (double components paint), single-component paint, and water-based paint.
  • Individually adjustable emitter cassettes have a long life emitter with a life span of up to 6000 hours.


  • Adjustable: With a bracket, you can easily adjust the height and angle of the paint curing lamp.
  • Timing Function: With an intelligent timer, the adjustable time range (1 to 30 minutes) allows you to set the spray time according to the painted surface freely.
  • Movable: Equipped with 4 swivel wheels that can be easily moved, and wheels are lockable, preventing the paint lamp from shaking when using
  • Independent Control: Each light can be turned on/off independently, and the single light head can be rotated independently
  • High Heat Dissipation Performance: Thermal hole design, which significantly enhances the heat dissipation function and effectively improves the service life.


Technical Data:

  • Input voltage (50/60Hz): 230V 1ph
  • Emitter power(W): 6x1050
  • Max power(kVA): 6.4
  • Timing range(min): 2x35
  • Baking area(m²): 1x1.5
  • Temperature(°c): 60-70
  • Net weight(kg): 66.5

Universal Hover System


wide application

The principle of short-wave infrared baking paint

Penetration contrast

drying time comparison


  • In car maintenance, the paint of the whole vehicle only accounts for about 10%, while local repair accounts for about 90%. Our Infrared Paint Curing Lamp offers you great practicality.
  • Short-wave infrared has high luminous efficiency and intense penetration. It can directly penetrate the paint layer to accelerate its molecular chemical reaction so that the water solvent in the coating can be quickly volatilized so that the coating can be cured quickly. It takes only fifteen minutes for the two-component paint and 15 minutes for the putty to dry. Therefore, the surface gloss of the paint layer is high, and the coating adhesion is strong.


    • Model: B6EA
    • Input Voltage (50/60Hz): 230V 1ph
    • Emitter Power (W): 6 x 1050
    • Max Power (kVA): 6.4
    • Timing Range (min): 2 35
    • Baking Area (): 1.0 x 1.5
    • Temperature (°C): 60 - 70
    • Net Weight: 66.5kg

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Build quality is mid at best

      Description doesn’t provide any information that you will need a different electrical out to to run this. Or that you will need to buy an adapter to run it on a standard wall outlet. Build quality is ok. The swiveling mechanic on this is odd. Needing to almost lock it in place by tightening the swivel to only have to loosen it up just to adjust the angle. Outside of these issues the lamps put out good amount of IR light for cutting ceramic coatings. For what you pay it’s not bad but it could be better. Also castors don’t fit flush and tends to tip here and there.

      Detail guy
      Nice well built stand

      Be advised. I only recived lamps and no stand which was supposed to come with.

      Update: I did end up reciving the stands a week later once put together they are really cool and work great. Let's see how long they last in a high volume shop.

      Christos T.
      Excellent quality product!

      I own a detailing shop which we apply professional ceramic coatings on a very frequent basis. We utilize infrared heat lamps to cure our coatings. We recently upgraded to this unit. It came very well packaged, no damage through Fedex, assembly only took 30 mins with two people. The product over quality is awesome!! Highly recommended! Thank you

      Versatile and efficient

      A change from the traditional baking light, this paint curing light not only dries paint quickly, but is also great for other applications such as oil painting and floor treatments. I am very satisfied.

      Five Stars

      very impressed with this product!