Solary Electricals IR3E Short Wave Infrared Paint Curing Lamp

Solary Electricals' IR3 Infrared Curing Lamp is equipped with world's latest technology to evenly cure any car surface. The specially-designed head enables "Even Cure" to perfection. IR3 infrared curing lamp is used for curing paints on sides of the cars. It is one of the best selling IR curing lamp in European and Australian market.
  • Direct powerful penetration into the inner layer of paint. Completely dries two-pack paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes.
  • Short wave infrared emitter modules with high light emitting efficiency.
  • Gradual temperature increase with pre-heating and full baking functions for professional finishing.
  • Built-in fan cooling in tube cassette.
  • Individual controlled tube.
  • Key electronic components made in the USA and Japan with CE/UL certification.
  • Switch: CE/UL certified, high quality and reliable performance.

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