Solary Electricals Short Wave Infrared Paint Curing Lamp - Model B1EX

  • Solary Electricals B1EX infrared curing lamp is a 360-degree rotatable dual-head curing lamp; it is equipped with a 180-degree rotatable individual head and an X shape base with no wheels attached.
  • B1EX infrared curing lamp generates direct powerful penetration into the inner layer of paint. Completely dries two-pack paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes.
  • With CE/UL certification, high quality, and stable performance.
  • Input voltage can be customized (e.g. 400V 1ph, 400V 3ph).
  • Service life span up to 6,000 hours.
  • Even radiation with timer and full baking functions. For extra pre-heating function, check out Solary Electricals B1 Infrared Curing Lamp.
  • B1EX is designed with X shape base with no wheels attached. For same function with extra wheels, check out Solary Electricals B1E Infrared Curing Lamp.
  • Replacement bulb can be purchased here: Solary Electricals B2 Series Replacement Bulb