Solary Short Wave Infrared Paint Heater Lamp, 2100W

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709254848

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  • Expansive Coverage: This lamp can efficiently cover a 60 x 80 cm area, with an adjustable temperature range of 140-158 ℉. Powered by a robust 2100W short wave infrared system, it enhances efficiency and reduces energy waste.Achieve seamless car body repairs with our body filler - the go-to choice for auto body enthusiasts.

  • Flexible Design: Featuring a 360-degree rotatable lamp head, adjustable height, and 4 swivel wheels, it's a versatile tool that ensures ease of access and mobility during painting.

  • Eco-Friendly Operation: This shortwave infrared paint lamp is eco-conscious, emitting no hot air or secondary pollution. The timer allows customizable baking times for different paint surfaces.Providing long-lasting protection for your car's body.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various industries, from auto spray paint rooms to furniture drying, putty drying, metal processing, and more. It's an essential tool for auto body maintenance and beyond.

  • Reliable Customer Support: Count on our excellent after-sale service. If you encounter any issues, our responsive team is ready to provide the best solutions, ensuring your satisfaction.

infrared paint curing lamp


  • Movable:comes with 4 swivel wheels so you can move anywhere.
  • Timing Function:The adjustable time range (1 to 60 minutes), allows you to freely set the spray time according to the painted surface.
  • Individual Control:Each lamp head of the paint drying lamp can be turned on / off individually.
  • High Heat Dissipation Performance:with cooling hole design and improved heat dissipation efficiency to avoid high temperature damage, and effectively improves the service life.
  • Highly Safe:With a thick and long power cord, it is highly safe and can meet various work needs.


Product Specifications:

  • Model: B2DA
  • Input voltage (50/60Hz) : 110V 1Ph
  • Emmiter power (W) : 2 x 1050
  • Timing rang (min) : 60
  • Baking area (m²) : 0.6 x 0.8
  • Temperature (℃) : 60-70
  • Net weight (kg) :17

Product Design

Height Adjustable

Lamp Head Can Be Rotated

Thickened & Widened Base

Height Adjustable


Lamp Head Can Be Rotated


Thickened & Widened Base


Application Scenarios




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Abigail Taylor
good heat. but throw of heat is shallow

even at full blast must be super close to heat

Shipping blows

light came broken twice by amazon. after getting tired of returning, it and this would be the third time and amazon wouldn't let me anymore I talked to the company, and they send out two bulbs shipped quick inside a pvc sleeve which was great. the bulbs got here perfect. now the fun part

you have to completely disassemble the light fixture to replace the light bulbs. I would suggest not to do it if you have no clue what you're doing. Its straightforward but all the pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle. everything falls apart when you disassemble it to replace the bulbs. I was on a tight schedule thats why i decided to do this instead of risking getting another broken shipment.

1 star lower because of how difficult it is to replace the bulb. I will come back and report on longetivity

M. S.
Highly adjustable and effective heat

Have a small paint booth and this unit allows for ease of use in small spaces. Very effective heat transmission and the adaptability of configurations for heat lamp placement is great. Easy to move and adjust individual heat lamps separately. Rolling cart makes it easy to move and store.

Lose k
The lamp has a large drying area.

This infrared light, very easy to use, my 2010 ford was freshly painted from new and dried the surface very quickly and flatly!

Infrared heat lamp

This is an excellent lamp that does the job 👍 it’s a brilliant price and would purchase again