Solary Baking Infrared Paint Curing Lamp, for Car Bodywork Repair

Solary Electricals Barcode: 6971709253681

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  • Spacious Curing Area: With a generous curing area of 0.6*0.38m², our infrared paint curing lamp is equipped with a robust 1000W shortwave infrared light, ensuring powerful penetration directly into the inner layers of paint. Achieve a high surface gloss, strong coating adhesion, and a significant reduction in wrinkles and tears, ultimately avoiding costly rework.

  • High Working Efficiency: Boasting a remarkable 97% high reflectivity, our shortwave infrared paint curing lamp heats directly from the inside, ensuring unparalleled work efficiency. The even heat distribution and expanded curing area contribute to shorter curing times, increasing overall productivity.

  • Versatile Applications: From car paint rooms to local paint drying, dry putty, metalworking, car foil, and furniture baking, our infrared paint baking lamps find a wide range of uses. Ideal for on-site repairs, engine drying, and strip removal, it is the go-to solution for various automotive and industrial applications.

  • Easy Installation & Operation: Our infrared curing system is designed for user convenience, ensuring easy operation and longevity. Every component is crafted for durability, and the system is easy to install, providing a seamless fit and a perfect replacement for your old equipment.

  • Safety Priority: Utilizing high-quality halogen lamp tubes with high luminous efficiency, strong penetrability, and low glare, our shortwave infrared paint lamp prioritizes safety. The emitted light is non-harmful to your eyes and skin, and the clean heating process ensures no hot air or secondary pollution, creating a safe working environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Where has this been the past several years

I repaint motorcycle parts (fenders, gas tanks, etc) as a hobby. During the winter months I have to turn jobs down because I can't cure the paint good enough in my make shift paint booth. I made a frame to mount this to with casters that I can roll around and position exactly how I need it. This will cure the paint/clear coat in about an hour or so. And I can get to wet sanding and polishing. This drastically cuts my time down doing a job now. I wish I had this a few years ago.

Good buy!

Purchased for heating vinyl for wraps. Gets hot very quickly and feels like even heat top to bottom. Haven’t put it to the full test, but first box opening I’m impressed.

5 Stars

Heats up fast and gets hot. I purchased this heat lamp for my bodyshop, works better than expected..