MAGNETIC INDUCTION HEAT Kit - with 8 Coils and Blue Box, 1000W 110V

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Efficient Heating: The induction heating tool uses electromagnetic fields to heat metal, achieving rapid heating in just 30 seconds. This method is faster, more precise, and more efficient compared to oxy-acetylene systems.

Carrying 8 Coils: Comes with 8 coils in 4 different sizes to meet various work requirements. It includes a toolbox for convenient storage and transportation, making it more practical and user-friendly than using a torch.

Cooling System: Equipped with a cooling fan and an overheating protection device, this system prevents damage to nearby heat-sensitive components during heating, thereby extending the lifespan of the equipment. The fan operates only when the power is connected and automatically shuts off when the power is disconnected.

LED Lighting: The induction tool features built-in LED lights that provide high-intensity illumination for the work area, ensuring good visibility even in dark conditions. The indicator light is usually white but turns yellow when the overheating protection mode is activated.

Ergonomic Design: Designed according to ergonomic principles, this tool features a comfortable grip handle. The handheld coil heater has a compact structure, making work more efficient and easier.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The most amazing tool you don't have yet

I found out about the induction heater from a shop foreman, who told me what a lifesaver it was. But since I work on my cars as a hobby and not professionally, I didn't know if I could justify the cost. Thankfully I took the plunge, because this thing is a lifesaver. It is fantastic for loosening frozen and corroded bolts. It's much easier to use than a torch, safer in many places, and much much faster. It only takes 3-4 seconds to heat a bolt up to the point where it comes out easily. The first time I used it was after I had already snapping a bolt. After heating it up with the induction heater, I was able to back it out of the threaded insert that it was frozen into like it was brand new hardware. Since then I heat up anything I'm taking out for the first time to be safe. If you've been considering it, don't put it off any longer!

marvin smith
Rusted bolt and nut removal

Didn't get to make use of the tool at this time. The order was shipped promptly which was great. Bought the tool as a gift. I like the way that they spot heat rusted bolts and nuts for removal.

Efficiently Tackles Rusty Bolts

The tool performed exceptionally well in loosening rusty bolts on my truck, leading me to purchase one for myself.