Solary Induction Bolt Heater 110V 1000W Induction Heater Kit with 4 Coils

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4.8 / 5.0 based on 13 reviews

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Solary Electricals Magnetic Induction Heater Kit for Automotive Features:

  • Efficient Working Principle: Our induction heater uses electromagnetic induction to heat and expand metal bolts/nuts, making removal a breeze. In just 30 seconds, you can quickly extract bolts without the risks of open flames. Your safety and working environment are ensured.

  • Smart and User-Friendly Design: The Bolt buster has a built-in cooling fan that prevents overheating, protecting heat-sensitive components and extending the equipment's lifespan. LED lights at the end of the tool illuminate your work area, while the granular non-slip handle offers a comfortable grip for extended use.

  • Versatility with 4 Coils: The induction heating kit includes four different coil sizes to adapt to a wide range of work requirements. Your workflow becomes smoother, and you're always prepared for various tasks

  • Wide Range of Applications: Our induction heater isn't limited to bolt removal. It's perfect for loosening threaded nuts, rusty screws, and various small metal parts like gears, pulleys, pulleys, bearings, and more, in automobiles, machinery, and beyond.

  • Portable and Organized: We've included a convenient carrying case for the entire kit, ensuring that everything is well-organized and easily transportable. Your tools are always at your fingertips.

  • H7E induction heater for easy removal of rusty screws

    Can heat all kinds of metal screws

    Black plastic case to store the H7E machine for easy portability

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Winston Chung
Very good.

It works as advertised, I was able to remove all the rusted bolts on my muffler

Philippe M.
Does the job

I was skeptical at first but it proved me wrong. Great alternative to a torch however only works for easily accessible nuts. I wasn't able to budge a camber bolt from a control arm.

Fazil Hussein
Awesome tool! A must have!

I ordered one of these for my xmas gift.....nice to have in the garage just in case. Alternator gave up the ghost on my 2014 Grand Caravan and the procedure requires the removal of the serpentine belt. Went to move the tensioner...SNAP! Broke in half, completely rusted (what do you expect with Ottawa winters?). Still had to get the bolt off. Hit it with some penetrant; could not budge it. Broke out the Solary; 20 seconds later, put the air gun to it. Came out without hesitation!!!! Did the same for the alternator bolts; everything came out with ease.

I don't usually provide product feedback, but this tool is worth the effort. I wish I had bought on sooner; would have saved me hours of frustration drilling out broken bolts. This one repair saved me 3x the cost of this machine.


Olivia Anderson
Heat well

the tool heats up normally, heats very quickly but but is it normal for the fan to start as soon as I plug it into the power outlet?

Exactly as advertised

Gets the bolts out when a torch can’t fit, def one of my most used specialty tool