INDUCTION HEAT Tool - 1000W 110V Magnetic Induction Heater with 4 Coils

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  • Efficient Heating: The induction heating tool uses electromagnetic fields to heat metal, achieving rapid heating in just 30 seconds. This method is faster, more precise, and more efficient compared to oxy-acetylene systems.

  • LED Lighting: The induction tool features built-in LED lights that provide high-intensity illumination for the work area, ensuring good visibility even in dark conditions. The indicator light is usually white but turns yellow when the overheating protection mode is activated.

  • Cooling System: Heat bolt removal tool equipped with a cooling fan and an overheating protection device, this system prevents damage to nearby heat-sensitive components during heating, thereby extending the lifespan of the equipment. The fan operates only when the power is connected and automatically shuts off when the power is disconnected.

  • Ergonomic Design: Electromagnetic induction heater designed according to ergonomic principles, this tool features a comfortable grip handle. The handheld coil heater has a compact structure, making work more efficient and easier.

  • Carrying 4 Coils: Induction heater bolt buster equipped with 4 different sizes of coils to meet a variety of work requirements, and includes a toolbox for easy storage and transport. This makes it more convenient than using a torch.

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Hand Hold Heater 1100W 11oV

The Solary 1000w magnetic induction heater utilizes electro magnetic induction to heat magnetizable metal bolts/nuts, causing them to expand for easy removal. This process does not produce open flames, enhancing safety in the workplace and minimizing damage to the surrounding work area.

solary heating induction tool with 4 coil.You can also choose from a wider range of induction coil types and sizes to suit your needs.

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It’s amazing and really really works just amazing.

An Absolutely tool . I wish I would have had this tool many years ago . I have used it on 1/4” bolts up to 3/4 “ so far and on all sizes they where so rusted the bolts where creaking and twisting ready to break . I used this tool for 5-8-10 seconds and the nuts, bolts , & studs should come out so easy like very little effort I mean from standing and bouncing on a breaker bar to one hand on a ratchet easy . The first two friends that I showed both ended up buying this tool . After I remove the hardware I like to chase the threads and it’s not always necessary but I like to . I don’t miss breaking, torching, grinding and drilling tapping and all those headaches. Everyone really should have this tool