Solary Electricals H7E 110V 1000W Induction Heater Kit with 4 Coils

Solary Electricals Magnetic Flameless Induction Heater Kit for Automotive Features:

  • Reinforced heat stabilized thermoplastic housing provides for increased durability inside and out.
  • Covered terminals for superior safety protection.
  • Improved ergonomics with a granular slip-resistant handle, and work area with high illumination (LED).
  • Will heat through rubber or plastic. Equipped with fan cooling and thermal protection. Will not damage nearby heat-sensitive parts.
  • By using the electromagnetic fields to heat the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the induction heater can turn a 3/4 nut cherry red in 15 seconds, which is faster and more precise and efficient than the oxy-acetylene system, no open flame caused by the heating, to ensure your working environment is safe.