Solary Handhled Magnetic Induction Heater - 1000W 110V Rusty Screw Removing Tool with 10 Coils

Solary Electricals Barcode: 6971709257849

4.8 / 5.0 based on 8 reviews


Induction Heating:
Through the principle of electromagnetic induction, the easy to magnetize metal bolts/nuts within the working range of the coil are heated, so that the bolts are heated and expanded, so as to quickly take out the bolts. 30 seconds fast heating, No open flame cause by the heating, to ensure your working environment in safe.

High Cooling Efficiency:The magnetic induction heater tool equipped with cooling fan and overheating protection, will not damage nearby heat sensitive parts, prolong the service life of equipment.

Reasonable Design:The built-in LED lights at the end allowing you to work smoothly in the dark; Granular non-slip handle is ergonomically designed for a more comfortable grip.

Aluminum Alloy Tool Box and 10 Coils: Set comes with aluminum alloy black tool box, solid and durable. You can carry it away at any time when you go out to work, and while keeping your studio tidy and orderly. Equipped with 10 common coils in 6 sizes, a variety of coil models and sizes can be adapted to work requirements in many ways. Make your workflow smoother.

Wide Range of Uses: The heat induction tool mainly used for heating threaded nuts and rusty screws to loosen them. It can also be used for automobiles, machinery, and various small Heat treatment of metal parts such as gears, pulleys, bearings, etc.

Product Description

Product Specifications:
Wattage: 1000W
Voltage: 110V
Illumination: LED light at the end
Tool Box Dimensions: 43 x 26.5 x 11.2cm/16.9 x 10.4 x 4.4in
Machine Gross Weight: 1.8Kg
Overall Weight: 3.2Kg

Package List:
1 x magnetic Induction Heater
2 x Φ35mm coil
2 x Φ40mm coil
2 x Φ45mm coil
2 x Φ48mm coil
1 x 600mm coil
1 x 1000mm coil
1 x tool box

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Works phenomenally.

I love this bolt heater induction. I use it nearly every day as a mechanic and it works extremely well.

It reliably heats up fasteners red hot without the fear of damaging other components.

The case it comes with is sturdy and the tool itself has held up very well with daily use.

Works as intended, a life saver, just have to use it correctly

Works as intended, a life saver, just have to use it correctly
I was skeptical of this working, but once I figured out which coil to use and read the instructions it worked exactly as intended. I was able to remove 3 broken bolts in a water pump housing/timing cover. I had previously tried to use a torch to no avail, this thing made the job effortless really and I was done in minutes. It will pay for itself. I see lots of people complaining about the consumable rods melting, I assume they left the machine running longer than 2 minutes on 5 minutes off the manual suggests. That being said they are called consumables for a reason an the induction rods themselves can be purchased separately for cheap. A used timing cover for this vehicle is $200+ so this tool has already almost paid for itself in just 1 use.

sheldon brubacher
Looks good, seems to work

Arrived in a nice case, first test seemed to work flawlessly.

Good Tool, poor quality coils.

The tool itself works great. It quickly heated the bolts I needed to remove and so far has worked as advertised on about a dozen bolts and none of them have rounded or broken off. The quick lock collar is convenient, just a 1/4 turn and the coils are locked in place solidly. The coils however are a weak spot. After 3 bolts the insulation began to flake off of the coil exposing spots of the copper underneath. After 6 bolts there were large sections of insulation missing and after 12 bolts I wouldn't feel safe using that particular coil anymore. If I were doing many bolts on an older vehicle I would quickly run out of coils.

fast heater

heat bolts fast to a red, but not glowing yellow / orange where it really should be heating bolts