Solary Induction Coil Heater Kit, 10Pcs Open-end Induction Coil for Induction Heating Machine.

SOLARY Barcode: 6971709258808

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  • Improve Durability: This induction coil kit, reinforced heat stabilized thermoplastic housing, provides increased durability inside and out.

  • Great Flexibility:  These Multi-turn helical induction coil are all flexible and can be bent for various purposes; you need to turn them till they meet your expectations.

  • Safety: These Preheat for Threading Coils are insulated for your protection and coated to resist abrasion. To ensure your safety, if the insulating layer is damaged, a new coil needs to be used.

  • Reusable: Each coil can resist overheating and premature wear. They are all durable enough to be used at least several hundred times.

  • Prevent Oxidatio: All Multi-turn induction coils are coated to eliminate oxidation and guarantee contact, providing maximum working efficiency.

Insulation Protection:

These coils are insulated for your protection and also coated to resist abrasion. If the insulating layer is damaged, a new coil must be used.

Resist Abrasion
Great Flexibility
Advanced Insulation
High-Temperature Resistance
Application: Used to remove rusty bolts & nuts easily and efficiently. 

1 Set Package Included:

1 x Φ15mm Coil / 1 x Φ20mm Coil / 1 x Φ25mm Coil / 1 x Φ30mm Coil / 1 x Φ35mm Coil / 1 x Φ40mm Coil / 1 x Φ45mm Coil / 1 x round Coil / 1 x Long Coil 600mm / 1 x Long Coil 1000mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
awesome deal

great alternative to other kits especially when used in a professional environment

The heating coil is bendable for superior performance!

Magnetic induction heating coils are bendable, easy to use and highly recommended for all tasks!

wayne smith

Good price, product as described, fast shipping. Would buy from again.

They work great

Doesn’t take long for them to heat up and they work great for what they are intended for.

Solid Product.

These appear to be well built units. Great to have on hand for your heating unit, and better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them. Perfect addition to the tool.