Solary Electricals H7S Hot Stapler - Induction Heater

  • Solary Electricals H7S Hot Stapler is an upgrade of Solary H5E hot stapler with extra powerful functions to meet your body shop needs.
    • Featuring Induction Heating technology - direct heat with no damage on nearby heat sensitive parts and no open flame.
    • Higher machine power (1000W) for the faster healing process.
    • Water cooling in addition to fan cooling for longer operating time (up to 20 min).
    • Adjustable output power.
    • Built-in smart troubleshooting instructions.
  • Designed for repair and reinforcing broken or damaged on autos, bumpers, motorcycles, boats, etc;
  • Portable handheld gun design. Light-weight and easy to operate.
  • Versatile to unstable input power.
  • Energy-saving.
  • LED illumination.
  • Built-in fan cooling and thermal protection.
  • Patent coil lock design to deliver fast and good connection.

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