SOLARY DG20 Dust-Free Sanding System

  • The dust collector radiation is designed to be bi-channel air cooled to keep the motor work in a stable temperature for a longer operating time hence extending the machine life.
  • The dust collector is made of copper coils motor with less noise during operation. The turbine air design reduces dusting noise and enables air to go smoothly to the collector. Strong power and good heat radiation.
  • Automatic Servo Control function: the collector works at the same time when the sander is working, the collector delays stopping for 6-10 seconds after the sander stops to clean the dust thoroughly.
  • Main unit is equipped with precise oil-water separator and lubricator. Sander automatically supplies the lubricant during working time to prolong the sender’s life.
  • Open-design collector to take out dust easily, plus cooling down the motor.
  • 5 layer-filter to clean the air with no secondary pollution.
  • Strong vacuum power, the dust collection reach to be more than 95%.
  • Customized vacuum power to meet the different jobs requirement and reduce the noise.
  • Suitable for car body repair, furniture production, hardware surface treatment.